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  1. that works perfectly, thanks! not sure how I didn't figure that out. thanks again!
  2. hi, thank you! I did have about 5, but then decided to just use one (to just act as a finish line for one lap). instead of just scoring one (a lap) it would shoot up to a random number, and even higher if I sat on the arch checkpoint in the goose. if it helps, I have it set as 'spawn sequence' 1, and game label as ' race checkpoint'.
  3. hello halotracks, I've been having trouble with making a checkpoint in a track giving only one point on the scoreboard. It always seems to give more than one point, depending on how fast I travel through the race checkpoint. I was wondering if there is a way to make the checkpoints only give one point? aside from placing them on a piece of track where you go fast enough to only trigger one score. If anyone knows any way around this, I would really appreciate the help!