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    Forging and racing demotracks. Also I wanna say a big lel to my boy Reflex
  1. I was working on it as well but I didn't save I as I was just making up ideas to decrease the byte size. I was looking at the blocks used for the track and they were like 4x4 tall etc. If we used smaller pieces like the 4x4 short etc the it will significantly decrease the byte size of the map so less lag and bad frame rate. Maybe if you can do that. Sorry about me not being on I've got to revise for my exams.
  2. Forger are we ready to upload ours Guys if you want a peek at a new demotrack you can look at my showcase on my xbox one profile. It is called Dynamo, co-forged by me and Superior Forger. Feedback and advice would be a great help.