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  1. If you guys didn't know from my occasional comment popping up in the YT comments, I'm recreating maps from other games, which is going to be a big challenge for me. These games include Black Ops 1 and 2, Modern Warfare 2 and the Halo 1 and 3 maps. Of course, I'll upload race maps and new Slayer maps, as well as recreating maps from my palette. It'll be a big challenge for me, but rest assured that I am up for the challenge! (All of the maps will have my own creative flair in them, but the base modelling will be similar if not the same) If you guys can either help with my cartography stage, or just give advice on what style I should do the maps and give aesthetic techniques once the forge is released, I'd be more than thankful! Trust me, there are 60+ maps I'll be doing, so I'm gonna need all the help I can get.
  2. This looks so amazing!!! If I can, I'll make sure to participate in anything with regards to this website as possible! It doesn't help when I'm 16 hours ahead, off in Australia... :/ ADDENDUM: I have a pending question to you, Le Hefe. Kind of still awaiting your response...
  3. Many crash, Much troll, Very swerve
  4. Don't lie, we all know your secret now... BTW nice truck.
  5. I'm pretty excited about this - means that I can spend less time refining my jumps. :3
  6. GAMERTAGS: GR1M R33PAR - This was my first online account name. Had it from 2011 to 2013. SZG Alpha - My second account name which had some reputation from LBG's Top 10 in September 2014. Had it from 2013 to early 2015. GoldDiggerAlpha - My third account name which has some further reputation (Duplex). Had it from 2015 to (predicted) 2016. xMalevolution - My fourth and presumed final GT change. Will restart YT channel under that name once it's finalised.
  7. Nah, but only if Friday doesn't exist. Should people continue?
  8. Either as voice or as a body actor, I don't really mind...
  9. Cool, thank you.
  10. Now, what about the posting of the maps on the "Other Maps" area of the site: is that permitted or prohibited?
  11. Hello everyone! As you may not know, I am one of the newer forgers on the scene of HT.org, and have been having a bit of an issue with gametypes... My main problem is that I do not know what I need to do to make them function like they should. Not only is this a problem for making race tracks, but I am also an avid Slayer map maker, and I want to make my maps compatible with things like KotH, CTF, Territories and Oddball. However, I do not know what I need to assign to what in order to make the maps function successfully. I've also found it hassling when trying to find video tutorials, because, well, no one makes them. So if anyone can either give me a tutorial either written or by a video, or better yet actually show me in a forge session, that would be really great. I also plan to submit the maps to the "Other Maps" section of the maps page, because everyone might benefit from having some Slayer maps to play with. (I know I shouldn't, but I just want to see what you people think of them, even though this is a race track specified site. If people like Le Hefe or Nuked, or anyone else in charge denies me the ability to post the maps on this site, which is fine, I'll try to find another site to show them.) Thank you, and have a fantastic day!
  12. Yeah, I'm up for a trial.
  13. If you need any more fellows in the cast, I can help. Apart from that, it was good. I mean, it had its flaws like anything else, but it was good overall.
  14. Yeah, I'm up for it whenever you want to do it. Just a reminder that I'm in Australia, so maybe only on the weekends when there's no timezone inconvenience?
  15. I want to submit Duplex, but I don't know if Nuked wants to submit it under his name, as well. If he doesn't have to, then I only want to submit Duplex. Duplex: Made by GoldDiggerAlpha & NukedlceCream