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  1. Overall I loved the movie and I wanna see it many more times, Kylo Ren became one of my favorite villains not just because he was badass and powerful but because you actually understood his motivation for doing what he did and I can't wait to see how he's utilized in the next movie. Han's death although telegraphed to shit was definitely heartbreaking and Chewie's reaction hit me like a bus. As far as Rey goes I'm fairly positive she's Luke's daughter, it just makes sense with her force powers and how she saw flashbacks of Luke and Kylo Ren and JJ and Disney have also said that this trilogy is continuing the Skywalker trilogy so Rey being the main character basically confirms that she's a Skywalker. I highly doubt Finn is Lando's son, there's already too many "oh look this person's this guy's son or this guy's daughter" in these movies it would just be dumb at this point. Although I do think Finn will replace Han next to Chewie when it comes to the Falcon or who knows maybe they'll bring Lando back and use him to replace Han. Also the lightsaber battle in this movie turned my penis into it's own lightsaber.