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  1. Yes. When cloud storage syncs for the first time when you open Halo: Reach it will take a while, but the syncing of files gets quicker after playing it a few times.
  2. In order to transfer all of your maps from the Xbox 360 to Xbox One are mostly composed on the Xbox 360. Steps: 1. Go to Xbox 360 settings 2. Click on storage, Hard Drive, and then Games and Apps 3. Press Y on Halo: Reach without selecting it which opens Game Options 4. Click move to Cloud Saved Games It will give a download bar and after a upload bar. There maybe an issue with the upload from the bar, but you can see what is being synced to the cloud storage by going to the cloud saved games in storage devices and press A on Halo: Reach. Note: the map files will not show that it is synced in real time so you will have to go in and out of the games and apps Halo: Reach to show what recently sync in Alphabetic order.
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    How does the tournament points system work, and what do we get out of getting all of these points?
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