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  1. Kinda agree tht the hip hop is rly lacking with this MOTW, and Like a G6 is SOOOOOOOO overplayed
  2. Mine is really simple.... I got hacked and he (assuming its a he =P) changed it to GOTCHA XD... end story do i win cookies now?
  3. I cant wait to get this game on christmas. The multiplayer reminds me of Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory spies vs mercs which i absolutely LOVED
  4. Some sanity at last. Best to get on with the future than linger in the past
  5. ok

    lol welcome back decimal, good to c u r makin maps again haha about the same time I started to too.
  6. QFT, we all love Frodo
  7. Well i feel like im pretty sure to cause i had a loop working to but my spartan jumped out of the mongoose as soon as he went upside down in reach. It might have something to do with the fact i was usin shield doors which i found more reliable than man cannons.
  8. Im not sure if what you say about the spartan stayin on the mongoose when upside down is true because Ive made loops in Reach and he still falls off the mongoose as soon as he goes upside down
  9. rollercoaster, sky, supercross i cant race on a super cross map for my life lol
  10. omgggg i was addicted to tht game <33 they better bring it back
  11. ofc no1 knos any maps from the past
  12. lol i guess my maps r to messy for me to be on these lists
  13. lol i love tht reference c u and vapour we have no way of knowing unless c u says so i guess but i did it the best i could of how c u was explaining it to me