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  1. If it's not too much effort I think it should go ahead. I dropped MCC pretty quickly when I realised that whatever was forged was unplayable in a ten person lobby (which I assume they fixed), but I'm sure a few people put a lot of effort into MMC forge and they should be recognised. I agree with Bean, it can't hurt. Also, as I haven't been around, I have no idea what the best tracks in MCC were. I'd love to see them and get some inspiration for H5. Ooo one more thing, with H5 launching soonish, maybe having a BOMCC will look good to the influx of new race forgers.
  2. Reddit AMA with Ducain: Worth a read, definitely exciting.
  3. I'll check him out. I didn't mean to imply they were full forge maps just that Regret-Truth and Eden-Empire are forge variants of each other. I feel it's a weird step to change a map so drastically then re-release it for week 2 of the beta.
  4. Couple of things to add: Breakout maps are clearly forged (there's a ramp on the left of the narrow map that goes over the barrier and you can see that it's a forge piece). But the most interesting thing is the map barrier, it conforms to the map geometry perfectly and clearly isn't made of smaller blocks. This may hint at custom sizes/shapes for zones and maybe objects. The current slayer maps are clear remixes of the old slayer maps. On the human based one it looks like a clear forge remake, but the covenant map have extra terrain and BUGS. Could mean they're not forge variants OR could mean a more sophisticated forge.
  5. Tempted to make videos for all the little switch gadgets I come up with, would anyone watch them?

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    2. Offrce
    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Oh, hellz yeah.

    4. ImSOshiftfaced


      yes, but a overall forge tutorial or mutiple videos on forging race tracks would be appealing

  6. Okay fair enough, that makes sense. So spawn sequence actually does nothing? I swear I tested it without the spawn sequence and it failed.
  7. Did some more testing, it seems proximity is important, works when the respawn points are close to the checkpoint. Who in their right mind would code that?! I can't see any reason for it at all. Spawn sequence would definitely be enough...
  8. This was a great idea, I don't think there's any proximity stuff going on, but the spawn sequence does fix the spawning issue. You need at least one spawn point for each checkpoint, because if there isn't one then it's just random. This also mean that you could have people spawning anywhere you want if they die after a specific checkpoint, could be a cool mechanic... (Like a countdown, after which everyone dies somehow, you respawn in the positions you were in) HOLD UP - Stopped working after checkpoint 5...
  9. Is that proven to work?
  10. Yeah I set that up for Sepia, and it doesn't seem to work. I'll do some more testing tonight.
  11. On death, racers don't respawn at the last checkpoint they crossed (like Reach and H4 mod). They respawn using the standard respawn mechanic, which basically means the start for most races, and randomly for others.
  12. Small forge bug: If an object is on a spawn channel (the switch may also be required) then it will not spawn at the start, even if it's set to. (Work around is have another On, Once switch set to spawn in at 1 sec) Also Respawn at checkpoints
  13. Who needs sleep anyway? Put me down.
  14. You have to get it directly from people in game (by clicking them then player details...) Easiest is adding people, but you can find them on the campaign leaderboards too. At any rate, I have a track, called Sepia.
  15. Sequel to Chratos