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  2. Legends never die
  3. TO THE TOP!
  4. Really need to get the MCC... Waiting on the PC version to fully come out though!

  5. I feel like 10,001 is a reasonable number to go for.
  6. All, I completely agree! For some background on our current mark, in case you didn't know. The current edition of the logo was a combination of the original Race icon in Halo, and the VIP variant, RACETRACKS, that was devised by c u l8er in Halo 3. In other words, the reason for all of us to be here. Moving forward, the options could be A: Put more work into updating the current logo / logotype (rather than a quick flat remake) or B: Come up with a completely new logo that is indicative of the racing community past, present, and future. As long as it has intentional purpose, it could be anything.
  7. All, As the original creator of the logo you see above, I felt a (very) slight update was in order. This is nothing more than cleaning up the oldness and having a purview on a horizontal / vertical lockup. PSDs are in the folder. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3v4n43ZYsa1MjVYUW03YXB1bXc Loco
  9. I think at least once a year I think of these dreadfully fun things. Le sigh.
  10. Hello Everyone. It's been quite some time since I've even graced the forums with any sort of presence whatsoever, and for some odd reason I ended up here tonight. I never expected to ever be here again, but it's incredible for me to see that the forums are still alive (to a degree) and kicking (to some extent). Honestly it brings a few tears to my eyes and I'll explain to you, briefly, why that is. Since the days of yore, I've had the opportunity to grow, change, reflect, and become someone that I can be proud of. It's an exciting time in my life for me. I'll be graduating soon, hopefully with a job in Graphic Design, and moving to New York City. Yet, I don't think I would be in the same position if I hadn't spent any of the hours that I did engaged in this site, this community, the games, the races, everything. If it wasn't for the amazing times... the really terrible power hungry times... the exodus... etc... I don't think I could be here where I am today. So for that, I thank you. Each and every one of you. Old, new, long-gone, gone but not for long. Doesn't matter. Your choices and engagement made me who I am and put me in a really great place. The long nights of our stupid lobby sitting tournaments, our attempts at tournaments that got posted to bungie.net, our squads (go IceStorm!), our silly design competitions, these things are somehow fond memories of a time that was easier. A time when nothing really mattered, and yet everything mattered. A time when we were young enough to make mistakes that were easily forgiven... sometimes within hours... sometimes not for months. A time when Halo brought out the best and worst in all of us for us to see and to breathe and to live. So thank you HaloTracks. The Community. The People. The Racing. The Games. The everything. And for those still around, keep going. Keep racing. Keep chatting. Keep being stupidly dramatic about stupid shit because at some point, you can't be dramatic at stupid shit anymore. Learn to be young and infinite, before you grow old and finite so that your boundaries are further than you may have otherwise had. Be you. Be yourself. Be awesome. To those from the past I may have wronged. You can go f*** yourselves. But I only say that in the way like when you get headshot from across the map. Because I love you. Each of you. For the times you were a***es, to the times you weren't. So let's chat. Let's reconnect. Let's be a**holes together because that's the way it should be. There were hundreds of bonds formed in this community and yet the only thing that kept those bonds together was that we kept coming back and logging online. Well unfortunately we all grew up and HaloTracks didn't. So let's reconnect. Again. Here. There. Someone just create an effing Facebook group. To all of you. Thank you. Again. Eric Margusity aka locoskier78 I can be reached at eric@margusity.com if you'd like to get in touch. And check out my site: www.eric.margusity.com
  11. Holy shit I forgot about these beautious things. We should do another one with the entire old gang as like a farewell to us or some shit.
  12. Great update. Worth the read.
  13. Honestly, I don't think anyone even read what I wrote despite my +9 rep for that post. Lets try and remember that all sides are to blame. And if you either "tl;dr" my post or "read but forgot about what i talked about", please return to page 5 and take another read. I suggest it highly. Honestly, why do I even bother. <3 you too C u l8er. Sometimes.
  14. You know this gets real when someone links a "discussion" to locoskier78. Look, I'm only going to go over this once so I suggest reading the following thoroughly and without preconceived notions. I have other things I should be doing right now, but it seems like once again the internet hate machine has gotten out of order. It seems like any discussion, argument, whatever, lately on this site ALWAYS has to reference and come back to the "Great Staff Resign" of December 2010. Regardless of the topic, always someone has to bring that up and then start to talk about how each of the members of that time rightfully should have left, been demoted, etc... The problem with this is that the event was just about seven months ago. In Internet terms, that is forever. That's the third trimester in a pregnancy! So why does this always keep coming up? I'm not going to name names, but it's a combination of faults between current staff, members, and retired staff. Now whether they are aware or not, the retired staff tend to respond to these topics as if they were knowledgeable about the topic. They actually are pretty knowledgeable and SHOULD be more than welcome to post at their own whims. They do not need to leave once they've left a staff position. But understanding just that does not solve this continuous problem of a complete diversion of the topic within these discussions to an argument of the "Great Staff Resign." What all of you should be doing is moving on. Whether you're aware or not, whether you agree or not, the principles this site was built upon are dying away. We all know that this is partially due to an interest in racing in Halo declining, but it's also due to the fact that these discussions that COULD further the justification of this website's existence, are not happening. Move past the problems of before. Move past the fact that previous staff sometimes care. Move on to discussing how to CURRENTLY solve the CURRENT issues with HaloTracks. The past issues are in the past, and the current ones are being forgotten about way faster than they should be. For once in my whole life, I will agree with C u l8er's position on moving on to TriggerPoop. The age of HaloTracks is running out and if things aren't done, it's as good as gone. Move past your issues, stop acting like a bunch of children, and when a topic comes up that could be extremely beneficial for the site, try for once to actually have a discussion that doesn't bring up the past ever. Additionally, FSUFMX, try and do some research before you post about irrelevant things that don't matter. Comparing BeyondForge to HaloTracks is like comparing a dying apple tree (HaloTracks) to a seed that hasn't even been planted in the ground yet (BeyondForge). Not that it matters anyway because essentially two months after we decided to do BF, it was irrelevant. I've moved on to other things, have you? -Hath Spoken.