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  1. Is finally working on a new track in Reach. Be ready....

    1. smm2010


      Too bad you can't make it compatible for any BT gametype since BT isn't possible in Reach. Yet...

  2. Thanks for the votes guys. I'm happy to win this and definitely expect more when Reach comes.
  3. Thanks a lot C u. Sorry I didn't impress you enough by not doing "something you haven't seen before". Maybe I'll try something new next time just for you. <_< To the other guys, thanks a lot for the comments. I do appreciate it.
  4. Winner of That Guy Cant's Avalanche Forge Contest! Creator: SpEcTaCuLar Ra Racetrack Name: Congeal Stature Map: Avalanche Difficulty: Medium-Hard Gametypes: Battle Snipes, Battle Tracks, Battle Lasers, RACETRACKS Weapons and Equipment: Description: Congeal Stature is a track on Avalanche that incorporates many different categories into one track. The track is bt compatible, has a great terrain section and skytrack section and has an elevator that is exciting to go up. This is one of the few, if not, only Avalanche tracks that actually includes a shield door elevator. The layout is quite simple but what actually is surprising about this map is that it's actually 33 seconds and is uncheatable at the same time. That is very good due to the limited objects Avalanche gives you. The track is very smooth, the terrain section section adds for intense racing, and the difficulty of certain areas on the track adds to the challenge and enjoyment of racing this track. Well on to the pics and don't forget to download the map! Pictures What inspired your creation? Wanted to make this track for a legendary map pack that I will be releasing soon and I also knew That Guy Can't was having an Avalanche contest so I thought I might as well enter this. How long did it take for you to build this track? Maybe about 30 hours all together. I wanted to make sure everything was right. What aspect of the track took you longest to make? Definitely the barriers transition. It was hard to get it smooth. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it but it was the best I can do. Download Congeal Stature Here
  5. Speaking of pms, don't you guys think you should take this discussion to one. Anyways, nice interview on Edward. Was nice and informative.
  6. Derk will not be online until he gets things settled so until then, his classes will be closed.
  7. That username already exists with someone else.
  8. This is Number 7! Thanks a lot guys for the comments and for voting for this track. This is one few maps that I am very proud of because of the many additions I included on the track.
  9. AWWWWUUUUHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. vv I agree! You are totally a Fruit Cake Spec. :] <3

  11. Here's the link to the canvas I use: SBCanvasBlockBG It has the original items, it is money glitched and the towers are blocked. Just make sure you don't delete the original items. If you need more info, just pm me.
  12. LBJ went to Miami....wtf!?!?!