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  1. Banner made by Masta Blastr Welcome Halotracks members, to the new and improved forge school. Since the old one was not well put out, your Head Mapmakers SpEcTaCuLar Ra and Masta Blastr, and Vapour Knuckles have come up with a new idea to help our fellow members. There has been a low amount of maps posted lately, and we believe part of this reason is because many of you do not know how to forge well. Well we want to solve that problem, and teach you as much as we can, so we can see new maps from new forgers, to enjoy the wonderful creations. You will be able to choose what teacher you want and learn everything you need to know. We also want to see what your recent work is like to know where your abilities are at. We will put up map templates and canvases soon for you to work on as a start. There is a schedule of teaching all week long and will be listed below. There is also a little treat in it for you if you make a great track from what you learned! If you'd rather watch videos and tutorials, here is a link to all of our great forging guides made by our great members of HaloTracks: Important Forge Guides. Also we will keep you updated on new guides posted because there will be more. Schedule Monday-Friday: 4:00 pm est. to 8:00 pm est. Saturday and Sunday: 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm est. Click here to check the timezones Note: These are the times that the teachers will most likely be available. The average time of teaching will be around 45 minutes to an hour the most. If longer time is needed, just list below your regular post in bold that longer time is needed and approximately how much. If you need a conversion of time, I will list it. Guidelines It is very simple; all you have to do is sign up. List your gamertag if it is not in your profile, time, and say exactly what you need to be taught on. You don't necessarily have to do that but it gets the teacher prepared on what is needed to be taught. Also, you can choose which person you want to teach you from six of our greatest forgers on the site from the following list. Just send us a message or a friend request, or we will send you an invite just in case our list is full or if you cannot contact us. Also, make sure you put what timezone you are in. Post format [b]Gamertag:[/b] [b]Day and Time:[/b] [b]Timezone[/b] [b]What is needed to be taught:[/b] [b]Teacher:[/b] Teachers SpEcTaCuLar Ra Goldman 01 Smm2010 KGB XD Derk921 King Edward I Remember: It is an option to choose a teacher. You don't necessarily have to. Also, don't overload with one teacher, each teacher can only have up to two classes the most, unless stated otherwise, due to that they are busy with other things. Rules Do not spam. Make serious requests. Cooperate with your teacher. Follow the correct post format. Be on time for your lesson. If you can't make it, please contact the teachers before your lesson. Students/Status mettalica4life - Done doodot - Pending siedge - Done preskeeler - Pending cardplayingpigs - Pending MC Nick05 - Done haloisgodly - Done xZ BignosE Zx - Pending TJmax2508 - Done OrdiiNaRYY - Done spartas fire92 - Pending xdeathlordx - Done CmNeirBigFun - Pending ix Ske7ch ix - Done KATANCIK - Done Stormhawk13 - Pending foshizzlehoe1 - Pending SniperMan1099 - Pending JonnyB33 - Pending Kabuse26 - Pending Once again, Welcome to the Halotracks Forge School and we hope to have many students and many successful forgers. Enjoy!
  2. Is finally working on a new track in Reach. Be ready....

    1. smm2010


      Too bad you can't make it compatible for any BT gametype since BT isn't possible in Reach. Yet...

  3. Thanks for the votes guys. I'm happy to win this and definitely expect more when Reach comes.
  4. Tutorial on How to Make a Banked Wave By: SpEcTaCuLar Ra In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a banked wave that provides a fun drifting feel when driving but also is one of the hardest tuns to make and a beauty to see once you have mastered it. Note: This turn takes a lot of practice to get it right so if you're not that much of a good forger, then I suggest that you follow these tutorials: How to Interlock Objects by killer200o, Advanced Method for Freezing Objects in Mid-Air by locoskier78, and Tutorial on How to Make a Curved Banked Turn by Vapour Knuckles, and once you've learned these methods well, then go on to this tutorial and expand your forging skills! Step One: Grab an object( I usually use block huges) that you choose to make your banked wave with and put it at an angle as seen in the picture below. Make sure that it's steep enough in order to provide the bank of the turn. Once you've done this, save and end the game. Once you start the game up, the block huge, if you're using it, should look like this. Step Two: Grab a double wall or wooden bridge and place it under the block huge at a lower angle as seen in the picture below and save and end the game. You must make sure to leave about a centimeter of space between the two objects and must not lower the angle too much. Doing this will prevent bumps from occurring Step Three: Start the game up and place another block huge onto the wall that you saved. Make sure to place them up against each other to know exactly how much you need to turn. Step Four: Grab two respawn points an place them on the top, left and right edges of the previous block huge. Doing this will help to restrain from edges sticking out and provide a clean look to your turn. Step Five: Go to your previous block huge, press "X" once and go to "Respawn rate" and put it to "180" seconds, next go to "Place at start" and put it to "No". Once you've done this, start a new round and the block huge should disappear. Step Six: Turn the block huge slightly(not too much or it can provide a bump) and make sure to line it up with the respawn points as seen in the picture below: Step Seven: Go to the block huge that you just placed and press "X" on it twice and to "Run-Time Minimum" and put it as high as you can so you can spawn the other block huge right away. Both objects should be interlocked and should look like this: Note: There will be overlaying areas but is okay when building banked waves but you must be careful of how much it overlays or it can cause a bump. After you've done this, go to the first block huge and put the "Respawn Rate" to "Yes" and put the "Run-Time Minimum" to "Zero": Step Eight: Now repeat all the steps over until you completed your banked wave and it can look something like this. Notice that each and every block huge is at a different angle tilting down. Here are a couple more examples of good banked waves: Well thanks for reading my tutorial. I really hope that this tutorial will help you in making banked waves and improve your racetrack forging tremendously. If you have any questions, please reply and I will answer them as good as possible or if you have any criticism about the tutorial, please reply so I can fix it. Thank you for your cooperation.
  5. Winner of That Guy Cant's Avalanche Forge Contest! Creator: SpEcTaCuLar Ra Racetrack Name: Congeal Stature Map: Avalanche Difficulty: Medium-Hard Gametypes: Battle Snipes, Battle Tracks, Battle Lasers, RACETRACKS Weapons and Equipment: Description: Congeal Stature is a track on Avalanche that incorporates many different categories into one track. The track is bt compatible, has a great terrain section and skytrack section and has an elevator that is exciting to go up. This is one of the few, if not, only Avalanche tracks that actually includes a shield door elevator. The layout is quite simple but what actually is surprising about this map is that it's actually 33 seconds and is uncheatable at the same time. That is very good due to the limited objects Avalanche gives you. The track is very smooth, the terrain section section adds for intense racing, and the difficulty of certain areas on the track adds to the challenge and enjoyment of racing this track. Well on to the pics and don't forget to download the map! Pictures What inspired your creation? Wanted to make this track for a legendary map pack that I will be releasing soon and I also knew That Guy Can't was having an Avalanche contest so I thought I might as well enter this. How long did it take for you to build this track? Maybe about 30 hours all together. I wanted to make sure everything was right. What aspect of the track took you longest to make? Definitely the barriers transition. It was hard to get it smooth. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it but it was the best I can do. Download Congeal Stature Here
  6. Thanks a lot C u. Sorry I didn't impress you enough by not doing "something you haven't seen before". Maybe I'll try something new next time just for you. <_< To the other guys, thanks a lot for the comments. I do appreciate it.
  7. Speaking of pms, don't you guys think you should take this discussion to one. Anyways, nice interview on Edward. Was nice and informative.
  8. Derk will not be online until he gets things settled so until then, his classes will be closed.
  9. That username already exists with someone else.
  10. This is Number 7! Thanks a lot guys for the comments and for voting for this track. This is one few maps that I am very proud of because of the many additions I included on the track.
  11. AWWWWUUUUHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Here's the link to the canvas I use: SBCanvasBlockBG It has the original items, it is money glitched and the towers are blocked. Just make sure you don't delete the original items. If you need more info, just pm me.
  13. LBJ went to Miami....wtf!?!?!

  14. LBJ went to Miami....wtf!?!?!

  15. LBJ went to Miami....wtf!?!?!

  16. LBJ went to Miami....wtf!?!?!

  17. LBJ went to Miami....wtf!?!?!

  18. LBJ went to Miami....wtf!?!?!

  19. LBJ went to Miami....wtf!?!?!

  20. LBJ went to Miami....wtf!?!?!

  21. LBJ went to Miami....wtf!?!?!

  22. I like the originality of the track but like dream said, the flow wasn't that great. Kind of hard though on a ghost town track. Still it's fun and deserved the feature. Also smm, you put too many pics, I'll edit some out.
  23. Yup, I taught Derk all he knows and his maps still fail , j/k Derk. Nice Broken In!
  24. Crater Moon Creator(s): @smm2010 and @x DREAM 76 x Racetrack Name: Crater Moon Map Name: Sandbox Gametype Supported: Battle Tracks & RaceTracks Recommended Players: 10-14 Players Description: Crater Moon is our new Battle Track created in the skybubble of Sandbox. I did an extremely nice job on the track. I asked x DREAM 76 x to do the aesthetics, and he was honored. After messing with the OLN objects and the final pieces that were available, DREAM came up with the whole moon surface idea. Most moons have no available atmosphere to slow down meteorites. We both figured it would make a nice theme for this track. You will notice the map is a futuristic moon base. The base has been evacuated due to a large meteor shower and damaging impacts. Part of the course has actually been destroyed by an ancient impact. Make sure you have plenty of speed when clearing the large crater jump! We hope you enjoy the track. This map works best with 10-14 players. We also feel that Battle Lasers works real well due to the sneaky lines of sight. Comments and feedback are welcomed. Thanks! Pictures: Video: By Mattimator What inspired your creation? I really wanted to create another battle track, but with good scenery. And be it that my aesthetics don't really stand out very well, I asked x DREAM 76 x for help with aesthetics and bordering since his scenery really stands out. The jump in the track is what inspired the idea for a moon base, and DREAM implemented that idea very well. How long did it take you to build this track? Around two and a half weeks. I was lazy at time intervals during the time of its construction, mainly because I couldn't figure out a way to end the track. But I decided to end it with a jump and that's when the construction of the track ended. What aspect of the track took you the longest to make? Definitely the jump. DREAM and I spent roughly about two hours in a three-day period constantly tweaking the jump so racers wouldn't have a rough landing. Download here
  25. Fixed. Sorry about that. Great vid by the way Matt and great track Smm and Dream.