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  1. A monday tournament?! Sign me up for this since I can't make the wednesday tournaments anymore!
  2. Silo Station Its on my file share! GT: AYMxFaMaSiitY
  3. Thanks, I'm glad you like my track!
  4. i would like to submit my track Silo Station to see if it would be good for the DRL. Its on my file share i just haven't posted it in the gallery yet because in still waiting on some screenshots.
  5. sorry i missed the last one but ill be there for this one!
  6. sign me up!
  7. Bowsers castle is not on turb's file share and did reign change his name? I can't find his name in the file search EDIT: Nmv on turns map. I guess the file search won't show you all of there file share when you search there names.
  8. May I have some screenshots of my map Silo Station please? GT is AYMxFaMaSiitY. Thank you.
  9. My new map Silo Station is on my file share! Search AYMxFaMaSiitY in the file browser! I'll be making my gallery post one I get some screenshots!

  10. So is lunacross done yet?
  11. I think you just added the last 4 columns to make yourself feel good. Jk, anyways this looks great. Its nice to see how everybody ranks against each other.
  12. Getting all my thoughts and ideas together for my new map on Impact. It has a amazing elevator that works 100% of the time. No one has made one like it so far that I've seen.

  13. Ive started making a "city track" using the current KOTH game type. Granted there will be no crossovers like the ones in Reach but they will have the same feel and look as them.
  14. Sign me up!