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  1. what has it been? 3 years since I've last logged onto this site? Hi!!!

  2. yet some have to pass the test more than once or have a period of time were they dont have it X[] im just playing with you
  3. who's Ice? and btw sorry for what i did a long time ago just wanted something more than what i was getting then as in appreciation. but anyways thanks if it was you for my rank back :}
  4. Technecly in still not back... so yeh... im atm Minecraft so idk.
  5. i've been here a while now and it always seems that i post something , no one comments, and gets less fun... so idk
  6. Hello everyone my name is arbr. I joined HaloTracks in i think 2008 or 2009 im not sure but anyways. I was a map maker, video maker, and knew alot of people. But now im confused on were i should be. Here is what im juggling over. Minecraft OR Halo: Reach In Halo i've create lots of maps, played lots of maps.. and got really good at what i did. Now i go on and im confused and seems like i cant do anything. In Minecraft i had my own server, Went to my friends server and one of them was from halotracks (Wolf remember him?), Created videos, Made lots of new friends, Friendly community, LOVE THE MODS, Got a Modder friend... Ability to add my own skins into the game. I can be Creative how ever i want to be. So lets see Its almost time for my Minecraft Server to have to be renewed but i want to know what you guys think... Should i go back to halo reach for a bit or stick with minecraft? Here is what i did in minecraft that i've Recorded....
  7. Part 2 is kinda weird : Floating baby - Girl dragged to basement - Deal with devil or demon kinda creepy. Made my brother sleep scare or w/e like he is talking and moving in his sleep and doing stuff without knowing it.
  8. i love my kick for kick rule : makes life better when you dont have jerks on friends list: Jerk kicks you for no reason : KICK THEM BACK

  9. knew that my hard work in posts never works because i work hard and no1 posts but people post on others : I ask for help with sign - o help, others get it -.-

  10. Warning: This Thread is not for hate, not for flame, and not for any negitive energy. This is just a talk basicly about what everyone thinks would be a good idea to have for the future of halotracks. I've noticed that Halotracks has became more popular over the past 2 years. The site has overcome some graphical changes i'd say about once a year? Well there has been somethings the site i think has been needing and maybe you guys can think of more. Please do not think non-logical because if you do it might start a big debate and argument. I've noticed alot of my topics do that to people and they get the wrong idea. Well anyways i've thought of some things i think halotracks should do but i dont know if killer or c u l8er might try doing these.( that is if c u l8er is still invloved alot in halotracks because i've heard alot of things of in and out but idk i havent seen him alot ). Ok First off, I think the site has become more popular that if it got a little more orginized everything would look nice. For Example look at the map section (*I know that its still getting worked on*) Halo 3 Section is good but i did see that some maps posted in this area are halo reach tracks which needs to be placed into the halo reach section. But other then that i would think this could happen, Make it so when you click maps so its more orginized that there is 2 categories : Halo Reach, Halo 3. Simple, Then ik in the halo reach section there needs a couple more categories but wont probably happen for a while till the things become more popular. I think these should be added: Banshee Tracks, Rocket Race Second thing that is probably outside the box but could possibly happen. For Halotracks the media section has been growing. We have alot of creative people out there, But this is what i think should happen. The site should have a upload section to upload a video *YOU'VE created, When this happens a person from the media team could look threw the videos uploaded and see if they are all custom made and actually from that person. Then after that they could be able to Download that video and then upload it to the halotracks youtube channel. By doing this it will give the Halotracks youtube channel alot more publicity then what it already has. As you can see we are making progress from seeing Mattimators video on Halo Waypoint. By watching this i've also noticed that halotracks needs a intro. The one in mattimators halo waypoint video that eoe... Made was good but showed the old halotracks symbol which would mean we will need a need introduction for the halotracks videos. If you have any ideas or some comments about my ideas please comment below. Just please be respectful of others opinions and this time lets try staying away from the flaming that happens to all my threads. I also want to see people post this time rofl because all my topics i put up like no one comments on and i put alot of hard work into typing things up so i hope this is for a good reason.
  11. Not all the tournaments were races rofl like myen was quidditch
  12. yah i might change the background to like a race map, a other map, and then fade out.
  13. ik IT was a screenshot and it was small... also getting used to photoshop.. need more time with it and more trainning.
  14. hay maybe you can do the Tournament Highlights for the month and it could go on front page and stuff... like i made this for you if you want to use it for a banner if you get the Tournament highlights on front page.