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  1. Just got a one, should be buying mcc soon. Also, who the fuucck still goes on this site that I used to know?

  2. I need help getting into a motocross squad or making my own.

  3. Okay and how?
  4. Uhh yeah basically what im asking is can i join this group? I promise only to be a douche bag and a complete fuck
  5. ANYONE THAT CARES! Im moving out of my apartment into a house and should be gettting way better internet. So in other words i actually might be able to race with you fuuckers.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bomberman914


      Join ht supercross if u do. Dont think velocity is coming back again

    3. gogetarulez


      Dude you totally should do some shit. It'd be cool to have your ass around again.

    4. Flecker Pecker

      Flecker Pecker

      I'll talk to purple about it.

  6. Hows it going motha funkaas

    1. gogetarulez


      Aiiiiigght. How 'bout you?

  7. Pretty fuucking bummed out about breaking my oil rig. Good thing I bought a hash vape!

    1. CoookkieMonster


      A hash vape; how nice.

  8. lol im such a sneaky lil bastard

  9. Give me the title, then give me the cash Fold it then bag it then move to the trash Follow my stash Stealing my swag

  10. Hey everyone that gives a shiit, Im at -30 rep now :)

    1. gogetarulez


      :( Wish you were still lower.

    2. Camonized
    3. Flecker Pecker

      Flecker Pecker

      Forsure guys. Lets get my rep back to 0.

  11. 1/10 just cause im an ass hole.
  12. I will go to a A$AP concert one day.

    1. gogetarulez


      Meek Mill and Rick Ross daawg. They have bad bitches in their Chevies.

  13. ^i used to be active on the site in 2009-2001. I just stopped playing halo but I occasionally pop back in to see how the site is doing. It's weird that I've had a halotracks account for 6 years. 10/10 just cause