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  1. Video Please give me some feedback and tell me what you think :]
  2. I payed for Halo Reach Limited Edition from gamestop to be shipped to my house. I look up the history and Gamestop says it is shipped already and the status is now closed, but I have not yet recieved it. I look up the Label/Reciept Number and it: There is no record of this item. Maybe I'm just being impacient and it hasn't delievered. Does anyone know whats up?
  3. If a preorder haloreach Limited Edition from game stop, will I recieve all the bonuses if it was mailed to my house rather then Store Pickup?
  4. Vehicle teleports will be a pleasure to use definitely. See lil parts of the huge forge world. Like Around the World, and youd fall into the water, and teleport into the artic. That would be Sick. Also different routes should be used, not just using one original route to be followed. and Maybe teleporters can be used as shortcuts ;P never know.
  5. Yeah but the budget limit is how many items can you make without it lagging really badly, or having that flashing object thing when you have too many objects on the map. After you unlimited budget it, you having a risk of overloaded pixels when to many people are playing the map.
  6. The Idea of bungie giving unlimited money and unlimited objects is being to generous. I think that would be a stupid idea because people would just stack the map to the bone. You have to make it with what you got. Limitness is to God. Its like making a whole new map, not a forged (modified) map. Some good ideas that would be nice to add on it when your green scroller (grabbing thing) highlights an object, it would be nice to see what item you are highlighting, so maybe it could say the name of it on the top right hand screen. Sometimes I would grab the wrong object by mistake and mess up my whole masterpiece. This would be a safer way to grab or delete an object that you want. When you merge two items together, maybe there could be something to "verge" the two items together forever, so it acts as one item. * But this would be a cheating way to lower your item limit down. So it would have to still act as there are two items on the map And even kooler would be to save those items as if you would save a game varient or map. So you could be able to make a full volcano and 'verge" them all together and save it. * But then people would probobly sell them for Microsoft points. Just ideas, but its all up to bungie.