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  1. Ill do what i want
  2. @Kenjamin1 MI I added back the map search by author feature and made it so it doesn't crash the browser. Now stop complaining about it.

    1. Kenjamin1 MI

      Kenjamin1 MI

      You really are a thoughtful person... <3. - Thanks!!!

  3. I forgot halo 5 even had ranks.
  4. if we made a HaloTracks API would anyone be interested in that or no?

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      A question probably best suited for Twitter, lol

    2. OrionHardy


      Now you've made me feel stupid. What is an API?

    3. Mad Hatter

      Mad Hatter

      An API facilitates the interface between our HT Applications and external applications.

      Essentially with a public API we could document how users or programmers could access the data in our custom HT app databases and can use the data how they wish.

  5. Yeah star it is just shit programming really.
  6. it needs to be a team tournament to even record the results properly though :/
  7. Hey Kenjamin, just curious why you don't have this tournament set up as a team tournament.
  8. RIP fun
  9. Ahh. i imagine it could be of some use. I had no problem shooting rockets at other people and flipping their goose or sending it off course. It isn't old halo where you could lead the shot to blow up right in front of them and they go flying 100ft but you can at least flip them or move them 15ft.
  10. That was nearly relevant to what i asked. I didn't seem to have problems knocking back other peoples mongoose when playing. Just can't look down far enough to shoot my own, like i said previously.
  11. is there any version of this where the passenger can propel their own mongoose? I played a version of this with you before on h5 and it appeared as though you couldn't look down far enough to shoot the rocket below your own goose.
  12. 2. I believe is already on the feature list. 3. This is a bug that happened during the transition of files for release. Also already on the bug list. 4. You can. 5. It created the map entry as soon as you clicked the create map button. This is by design and has many good reasons for it being this way. I can't fix you hitting the back button. ***Retardproofing is not possible. It will get better over the duration of its existence but I have no plans to spend the time it would take to prevent every possible stupid thing a user could do in all of our applications.
  13. Yeah, i understood later what you had said. I have been talking to Jeff about it and we are investigating into whether we need to do a restore of the gallery and reimport the maps or not. However, I just followed your link and noticed that the map might be set to the halo 4 game but displaying the halo mcc logo. I think this might have to do with us adding in a couple more games to support moments before the script ran. Or in other words I need to look into it, the data might be correct on the backend and this might just be a frontend display bug.
  14. yeah that is something that worked previously and then broke when we were updating the site for 5.0