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  1. This community was awesome and I loved racing with you fools. Can’t believe how long it’s been! I’m 26 now and randomly thought to check this site after years

    1. PurpleDinosaur


      Hey Bomber, this is purpledinosaur0.  I'm 24 now .. I thought you were like 4 years older than me, guess not.

    2. Bomberman914


      Hey Purple! I’ll be 27 in September. Which means I was like 15 or 16 years old when I started velocity. Crazy it’s been a decade already 

  2. Hey guys just curious to see who else plays this app. I'm addicted. May want to bring in some ppl from here to join a clan. I'm a town hall 8 level 77
  3. Gotta say, the new tourney system looks good. Nice work. Oh hi btw

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    2. Camonized


      Howdy! We miss you man.

    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Glad you like it! Make sure you tell that to Hatter and Lazy Algorithm. They're in charge of 4.1's tourney system. Hope everything's been alright with you. Great to see you again!

    4. Jake Bobius

      Jake Bobius

      He went to Jared.

  4. Just from checking in it looks like my idea of a H4 squad at the start of MCC wasn't such a bad idea after all. Hate to say I told you so but I saw this coming.

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    2. Offrce


      All I know is some people don't even have their 360's anymore, or wouldn't want to bother to go back :)

      It could work though.

    3. Populare


      If we had player trait zones functioning in H4 MCC HT Demo could happen.

    4. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Halo 3 Velocity is possible in

      MCC. As far as I know, Golden, Prophecy, and Indasahara have been remade. I also don't care if I spelled Indasahara wrong, but I digress.

  5. Thanks guys I appreciate it. Sorry I was late on my return the second time around. There was a lot more I wanted to do before I left again but it's all good. Take it easy.
  6. I'm not buying an xbone anytime in the foreseeable future and I'm assuming the whole "I'm not going back to 360 for H4" is still in affect so I'm pretty much only using my console for hulu and netflix. Possibly the new dead island but I have a lot of doubts. I honestly don't have the time or commitment for gaming now so this is my "exit post" again.... Fun while it lasted. If you all decide to go back to 360 again for a tourney shoot me a pm. Adios
  7. That's a poditive way to look at it. I just feel like there were some truly awesome tracks made that I rly wanted to use in competitive squad that Idk will be recreated in MCC such as olancha peak and whitewater national. I admire the work that's why I want to use them.
  8. Updated thanks just need a few more
  9. My head hurts just thinking about how many possibilities there are with the terrain feature. Think they have snow, ice, sand or volcanic terrain? Having a legitimate change of scenery from track to track is one of my favorite things about terrain tournaments. It's a bit overwelming. Not sure where I would even begin if I made the switch.
  10. What about Buried by reflex/ Tranquil by reflex/ Stoney creek by idk
  11. Who cares just sign up anyway. It's not a big deal I'm not asking you guys to buy a house. It doesn't have to be a this or that I'm not giving you all an ultimatum. You dont need to choose one or the other just show up when you can. Geez! It will be fun.
  12. I don't own an xbone and idk if plan on buying one anytime soon so this is likely gonna be my last go at this. Also I'm pretty sure everyone thought the sane would happen with reach and h4 and clearly that was not the case. I doubt this will be any different.
  13. Only with that attitude. There's not going to be any racing for months when it comes out. I'm doing this to keep the racing community together during the switch. I care enough to at least try. It's worth that at least.
  14. What's up HT and all velocity members?! This squad is finally going to be started here shortly. We will be racing on mixed terrain and nationals tracks so everybody who spent so much time into making those nationals tracks won't have to watch them go to waste because of MCC . We will be solely on Halo 4 for 360. I strongly believe that the first few months at least of MCC will be completely void of racing because there won't be enough tracks and be because everyone will be playing matchmaking. I want the squad to keep the racing community together during the time where most members will scatter. This is exactly what happened with reach and H4 when they initially came out there was no racing involved and HT was dormant. I will be running the squad and we will race twice a week. We will race once on a weeknight and once during the day time on the weekend for our mixed time zone members. If anybody is interested I would like to have teams much like they did in Supercross but we will decide on that as a group. There will be a leaderboard, 24 tournaments and possibly playoffs. No intentional wrecking. If you are interested in joining us just simply say sign me up below. Thanks! Member list 1. llll Jrod llll (me) 2. Enjaydizzle 3. Adammc 4.masterkitty 5. Imsoshiftfaced 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  15. Thanks office. It would be my honor to accept this award. It's almost as good as my 13th place ribbon in BOH4!!.......(cries)