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  1. If only I still had Xbox Live... =(
  2. Hey! That was actually a very good video, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Interesting seeing all of this stuff being presented as history.. I know you said you had some trouble finding early maps so just FYI I moved all of c u and my's old maps onto a different account's fileshare awhile back because we were running out of room. So if you are interested you can find all of those earlier maps which you were missing here. I am also friends with this account so you should be able to access the fileshare. If you have any other questions about how all of this stuff started just let me know! -killer
  3. Do you like pop tarts?

  4. Well he is using my app for this section, so in a few months there should be Social Group gallery integration, and rank application type features.. pending free time for development.
  5. Loco's post was good, since then it has just been stupid pictures though..
  6. I am not very happy to see HT go (NOT AT ALL), but I think that it is far more likely to be successful as a more general community. I am excited to see where this will lead.
  7. Try something simple, a basic tool or little utility, if you want to be using a good amount of JS that is. If you are more focusing on the HTML and CSS aspect, try replicating the layout of a cool website.
  8. Charging $0.50 for something that may or may not even exist? I don't think so...
  9. It is like a season ticket to an amusement park. You pay a larger upfront fee, but you end up saving in the long run if you use it enough.
  10. I like how you noticed that he was running Opera, but completely overlooked the fact that he is running Ubuntu Linux...
  11. Yes it is possible, but the limit is there to limit load on the server. If there was no limit, if you left the index up for a long time, you would be constantly sending requests to the server, and if we had a lot of traffic, it would potentially overload the server.