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  1. DRUGS!!!!! Sorry I had to. lol
  2. Seeing as they went 9-3 and beat Georgia I don't think they suck.
  3. Georgia Tech FTW!
  4. Sign me up for group 6 please.
  5. Congrats on your general

  6. Yeah right you are lokoskier77, not lokoskier78.
  7. I love doing this
  8. check out my youtube. biggtfan50
  9. hey shade i cant make it cause i got school and homework
  10. As most of you have noticed, I have not been on Halo 3 in a while. This is because I just got rock band 2. I am in love. IT IS AMAZING. I also have a butt load of homework every night and my mom only lets me play for an hour a day. I also am running a business on cod4 with my friend where we can get you golden guns and ranks etc. I have also not made a new map in a while and I will try to do a review if I get the time but guinea or frodo feel free to demote me. I totally understand. If you are on my friends list you will continue to see me on rock band 2. FRETLESS ACCEPT MY CHAT AND GAME INVITES!!!!!!!!! I will also be on cod4 alot. I will try to be active on the site if I have the time. Best Regards, Shadow
  11. wow. jebus. i hope cu doesnt sell the site just for this
  12. Metal and Metallica specific metal bands: Disturbed Slipknot Dragonforce 3 Days Grace 3 Doors Down Avenged Sevenfold Other Bands: The Who The Rolling Stones Rap is Crap
  13. I listen
  14. tournament points for shadow?
  15. guinea just put up a REAL PICTURE of yourself!