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  1. i used to have a lot of credits, like 100k or more but then i gave them all to mr froho
  2. and thats why i titled the topic as this site is difficult
  3. so after masta hippie finally answered my question i found out that im banned. i think frodo banned me as a joke a long time ago and never unbanned me :( but anyways, someone locked my topic so i had to make a new one and the link to email the admins doesnt work b/c apparently the server doesnt exist or something so anyways. UNBAN ME PWEEZ
  4. like how do i get to the shoutbox, cant find it
  5. what happened to the shoutbox?
  6. Pow

  7. Ok, i would like to know if chew my plums ever released my map that i told him he could claim. If Chew has made map in the past 2-3 months then please tell me and post the link to it.
  8. Hola amigos and go OBAMA!!!! YAY FOR BLACK PEOPLE! W00T
  9. HOLA!
  10. hi

    yea, got too crowded! website is extremely slow! and i don't like to make maps anymore.
  11. hi

    not on halotracks. guinea get on now! (11 pm eastern)
  12. hi

    Hi people of HT
  13. btw. i am a judge for try outs and am currently making a testing map!