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  1. nice job it looks cool
  2. i think its good just un organized still good
  3. 1st Map Link-http://www.bungie.net/forums/posts.aspx?h3fileid=40547083 Track-Speedy War Map-Foundry Difficulty-easy It is a quick and easy map 2nd Map Link-http://www.bungie.net/forums/posts.aspx?h3fileid=40542842 Track-Construction Map-Foundry Difficulty-easy/medium Great Map For 2v2 racing
  4. 1st map Track Name-Contruction Map-Foundry Diffuctly-Easey-Medium Great Quick Map for 2v2 racing 2nd map Track Name-Speedy War Map-Foundry Difficulty-Easey Quick Map there are ways you can cheet on it but you will know your way! and you will go very fast and you get easey turns!
  5. Im making my second right now
  6. The Dog killed someone
  7. Track-Construction Map Created On-Foundry Difficulty-easey-Medium Link-http://www.bungie.net/forums/posts.aspx?h3fileid=39833306 This Map is my first track took me one hour to make im making v.2 of it. it is a great map for 2v2 raceing like i said the v.2 of my map will be less sloppy and more walls to guide you hope you consider my map and make me a map Maker
  8. lol no...0
  9. Not reely red owns blue Red for red sox and also red is just orgianal or it owns
  10. OMG RED KICKS BLUE ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. OMG DUM DOG!
  12. i still say its close between avalanche and foundry
  13. The dog Wanted a Pancake
  14. good tips
  15. hey don't listen to what he just said he is some floating tips place the object with you want it then save or save as then end game go back to game and there you go your done or you can stack objects on each other then put the object you want on top of them delete the ones on the bottom and your done see its easer then havening to listen to him Hope those tips helped you