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  1. put me as racer if theres still any spots left (lil kyle 15)
  2. ok but i cant copy it to give it to u
  3. this is kyle and the elite thing messed up my profile. i cant do anything. im on my bros account

  4. yeah this is lil kyle 15 on my bros account. I cant do anything. as soon as i log in it says that an error occured and i cant do anything.
  5. Geist Map- Foundry Medium Ok well this is only my second track and by far the best one that I've made. This track features an ultra smooth banked turn with a wave like downhill and a downward shielded door elevator. It took about ten hours to make overall. Chubby Peak 2 Map- Foundry Easy Ok this map is a short foundry racetrack and it is a fixed up version of the origonal which was my first track I've ever made. This track features a hill along with two banked turns, overall the track is very short but it is stil fun to race on and I believe put together very well for my first track. This took me about 5 hours to make. I hope you enjoy my tracks!
  6. yeah there is a problem but other than that this vid is sweet 4/5 =]
  7. yes there is a problem with the sjields but other than that 4.5/5
  8. Yea i agree this track is awesome =)
  9. Very nice track LKF 4/5...
  10. This is a sweet track laxman. I can't wait for your upcoming tracks... 4/5