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  1. Speed limit looks cool. I'd be up to play some of that.
  2. Half. But I do celebrate Hanukkah.
  3. This is mine: And of course a cover of it:
  4. I think it looks cool. Giants robots vs. Giant monsters? Sounds awesome to me.
  5. I havent gotten them yet, but from what I have seen, they look pretty good. Ill probably get it around Christmas.
  6. Haha, Moto, as soon as I read his post I thought of that site. I think that is hilarious.
  7. I just checked it out. You can do team regicide, and each team can have a king at the same time. The only thing is that every person would have to get a kill before you started racing. Also, I tried to see if there are checkpoints/hills, but couldn't get one to work, so I don't know about that. I couldn't figure out the settings. So if someone wants to try that, we might be able to have a race gametype without needing the shield doors like in KOTH. Edit: Grammer
  8. Is there a way to play regicide on teams in customs? That way there would be a King (VIP) for each team, and that would solve the gametype issues, as long as there are checkpoints for the King just like in VIP. I thought of this because on reddit I saw that said 343 is adding Team Regicide to multiplayer in the next update. Here's the Link?
  9. I think the concept art looks amazing. I mean I will probably love it, so I am very interested in finding out more information.
  10. Whats wrong with starting with the boltshot? Yeah, It has a over-charge shot, so what? Its pretty much the mauler from halo 3. I dont get whats wrong with it. And honestly it doesnt effect me at all. I think Ive gotten killed by it like 3 times total. And I actually enjoy how they made Halo 4. The new things here and there like ordinance, and instant respawn, i think, are cool. I mean there should be gametypes that dont have them, but they shouldnt take it out of the game. And I probably will get shit for this, but Halo 4 may be my favorite Halo. Its pretty close to the others in my mind. I think its a great game.
  11. I havent forged much, but when I did I forged on ravine. It has some nice terrain spots (not much though).
  12. What I don't understand is why do you guys still play halo 4 if all you guys do is complain. I just don't get it. Go play a game you actually like instead of complaining. I'm not saying I think the game is perfect. Its not, but I like playing it. Some of you sound like you don't even like to play it, you just complain. Some of the things people have said about fixes make sense to me, others I can be happy without, but wouldn't mind the change.
  13. Ps: Ive been on this site for 3 or 4 years, and still couldn't figure out how to embed that image. lol
  14. Sorry for the link
  15. Who cares if they dumped hours, even days into games to get to that rank? I dont. When I see someone who is a high rank, I dont think, 'oh he must have spend days getting to that rank,' i think, 'He must really like this game.' I think that a person who is a high rank deserves it because they spend the time playing to get there. And no, i dont think the experienced based ranking system is any better than a true skill ranking system from halo 3. They both have advantages, and disadvantages. I think that if they made the true skill visible, but not change the ranking system to the halo 3 style, then everyone would be happier. It allows all players the ability to achieve the high ranks, and allows people to brag about how big there e-penis is (how high their true skill is). But this is just my opinion.