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  1. Okay, who the hell remembers me? I just want to say I miss all of this community, you guys gave me so much love in Halo 3, and ALOT of reputation. I Just want to give you guys all of it back, you guys supported me and encouraged me to make the funnest maps for Halo 3. Idgaf if I get a warning or whatever. You guys got me so much in Halo 3. I just want to say Thank you! If you dont know me, get your ass on Halo 3. Download Andromeda, Zypher, Cape Canaveral, and Typhoon! Also the guy who made the Halo 3 Drum Set lol. I'm the guy who brought smoothness into Halo 3, and the Inventor of the Banked Wave. I'm not going to be cocky or anything but Halo was where i made my mind. I've always been the guy for Roller Coaster Tycoon, and designing BS. Halo gave me the prefect place to make my imagination and share it with people. I never tried to be popular or anything, its just what I made, people loved. Any of you can do it, but you just got to take it another level and dedicate yourself too it. If you guys would want me to post about how to make what I made, and what gave me ideas and what are my perspectives, I will do it:) Thanks much love! oO SLiK Oo
  2. TS:45 TD:50 Snipers:37 Swat:35 Its legit not like kona.
  3. I got tea bagged by the hole team because they new who i was and i was in btb. They told me that they all seen me and youtube and they all tea bagged me and one guy took a picture and it was called i Tbagd SLiK.
  4. Onestly c u banks turns are anyturn that go on an angle, Just because you dont like it doesnt mean you got to be against it and try have members fallow you on not liking them. People do over rate flat banks like rouge shaddo but banks are banks, They evolved like that way. So screw it and let it be.
  5. Sorry guys but i wanted to build a wind turbine so it could fit the map like as if the map was the airflow.
  6. Next wensday it sucks.