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  1. Got it 2 months ago
  2. LOL jeff im here cause i make vids ^ ^ 1.TaxxMan24 clean 2.sprintfuzion dirty 3.Churchy - dirty 4.mastapayps - clean 5.x cassel x - dirty 6.sot emo sk8er - clean 7.Deano is super - ? 8.laxman91 - ? 9.hatter is mad - dirty 10.iTz Flair - ? 11.CheetoFritoEat - clean 12.WhiskeyWarm - ? 13.shuttie182 - clean 14.KoRnDaWG E03 - clean 15.shuttie182 - clean 16.the invader18 - ? 17.Jake bobius - clean 18.chillybob - clean 19.WillJ - dirty 20.Chew - clean 21.Vapour Knuckles - clean 22.golderleader5 - dirty 23.SpEcTaCuLar Ra - clean
  3. Woot? I am one of 10 that voted no! Not even being funny.
  4. Masta why did you reupload the thread? I made the vid by the way
  5. There cool but people would be like YOU blam! NERD! lol
  6. W00T 6th!
  7. All you do is enter the gamertags of the racers, put their point values next to their names, and click add! When additional maps are completed, all you have to do is copy the total amount of points and the current amount of points into the boxes and add them! Have fun! Just noticed You might need to bring the second folder to your desktop for it to work One more thing lol You MAY need to install .NET Framework 3.5 to use;displaylang=en Download it there
  8. Sign me up
  9. El Oh El pwned
  10. adoggoesquack
  11. ROFFLLLLLL!! Shiny gold medal!
  12. Obama made the swine flu too big of a deal to get people occupied on that while he screws up our country. Basicly this is what he did Obama: Guys, Look over there! The US: WOW THIS IS BAD Obama (behind back): IMA BOWREOZ SUM MOR3 GUOLDZ FR0M OThUR CUNTREEZ TO B-HIND EV3ROnEZAS BAX!!!!!!111!!!1!!!!
  13. All he did was hex his achievement values from 0 to 12 or 13; Not that hard I know because I also mod
  14. well, does anybody have a BS account?