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  1. im a noob tube so i got the noob or it the tube but watevas
  2. racist ur refering black people to blam! arnt u :angry: jkjk
  3. yo yo yo im up in dis
  4. i got one better phantom takes out everyone and gets 1st turny victory
  5. mine is pretty lame but here it is
  6. bomber i need to race wit u and some other peple because wen eva ur around i get sooooooooooo kamaskzish
  7. game:mario kart wii character: baby mario Text: I z Phantom z I thanks
  8. im in i can show off my kamakazie skills :ph34r:
  9. i did horrible :(
  10. if we r in a turny do we hav to put it in our sig
  11. i wil let everyone know wen turny is scheduled as soon as possible
  12. im in dis
  13. sign me up fo dis mon
  14. bombmer want to b on my team