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  1. Gamertag: Chick B0wdrie Favorite racetrack: Currently H3 Rocket Race Maps but open to new things. Your greatest forge map or invention: I'm a player, not an inventor. What is your favorite multiplayer map (unforged)? Valhalla What is your favorite gametype in Halo 4? BTB What is your highest level & rank in Halo 4? maybe 2, I don't play ranked much. How did you find out about HaloTracks? Dunno, that was a long time ago. Other: Hope to race sometime soon.
  2. I'm looking for some Rocket Race peeps for matchmaking. Are there any RR players from circa 2008. Anyone else know how to launch to targets, deflect rockets, and assassinate walkers from the back of a mongoose? Please see bnet for reference: