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    I like playing the xbox, my guitar and riding my dirtbike. Also like fishing swimming and playing baseball. Myspace is www.myspace.com/bchamberland
  1. Umm

    Umm ya i dont know how soo ya i cant and ya i think i am crazy
  2. well ill help if iever get odst and get back on live lol
  3. Ya i know but i like and want it still lol
  4. Hmm thats hard for me i'd say either all that remains or trivium
  5. Haha i guess ill keep my maps to my friends lol im too lazy to add them im not on the internet much so idk how to do all taht stuff like pics name and soo on soooo i am too lazy XP
  6. Hmm well i want recon so i think its worth it lol
  7. Oh ya btw did they really give recon like they said if you get all the vidmasters?
  8. Umm

    Well scroll to the bottom of the page and look about three inches from the bottom left of the screen i see one or m going crazy i think m going crazy XP
  9. Ya i know my maps might not be perfectly smooth but hey they are ok forged and fun but i have a v2 for nightrider and also different filters aka night dawn and day lol and another map and i've been working onfor like 4 months :'( Ya i know but i will finish it one day butwow i have no ideas and as far as publishing them goes....... wow too much work for me lol can someone post them for me? Lol i know im lazy XP
  10. Haha nice i know this is off topic but add me on myspace plzzz www.myspace.com/bchamberland my last name is obvious but if you dont know it its CHAMBERLAND lol
  11. Umm

    Idk if ths is the right area for this or not but am i going crazy or is there a line running throught the background of HT????
  12. HAha wow whats up you have alot of name changes huh???
  13. Haha correction i dont this is the first time i got on in like 2 months
  14. Please be honest and answer truthfully
  15. Please be honest and answer truthfully