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  1. On my way to Amsterdam, so taking requests on behalf of HT members for slaps or any other forms of special requests to be inflicted on Gogeta.

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    2. Masta Hippie

      Masta Hippie

      Warm him up for me. I'll be there in August.

    3. NukedIceCream


      Be sure to tell him that he smells bad.

    4. MikeEgan


      Don't let him forget that he's a bitch

  2. Wow. That tash is pure filth, I can only dream of one day being that much of a man. I have seen the nipple of the man on the far right, and its pretty damn good.
  3. This is simply sensational, a true ball tingler.
  4. Right guys, I want to make this thread in order to share and discover awesome tracks. Whether it be D&B, Dubstep, House, Electro house, whatever... lets share it. Hopefully this thread can be fairly active, I'll try and comment regularly with stuff. I spend most my free time when at home now listening to electronic music and playing Xbox. It's only really in the last year that I've come to enjoy this form of music, I have a fairly broad taste in music and like pretty much anything, Mettalica, Dr Dre, Knife Party, Arctic Monkeys, Rage Against the Machine. As I'm quite new to Electronic music, I don't know a large amount about it, nor do I know a large number of Producers and Artists. I find this so exciting as there is so much to discover! Everyday I come across new songs which I'm instantly in love with and its great. In the last 9 months I've been lucky to see so many amazing performances in Ibiza and back home in the UK at festivals and local events ranging from huge DJ's such as Armin Van Buuren, terrifying Knife Party war zones and Drum and Bass Raves. There is something so amazing about being at any of these that is just incredible and for me matches performances I've seen from the likes of the Foo Fighters, Green Day etc. albeit in a completely different way. I made this playlist earlier, give it a listen and see if there is anything you like. Spotify Playlist ***Please share more songs!*** For a point of discussion, how about we share the one act we want to see the most? For me its certainly The Prodigy. Probably because I have a death wish
  5. Can't get enough of these lot.
  6. halo wars

    It does seem cool from the Beta. Definitely going to wait for the price to drop and see how the reviews are, I've gotten ripped off too many times this gen getting games on release which are either incomplete or just a bag of poo balls.
  7. Grooooooooooov.
  8. Donglow. Lissun all day way froo 4 da full efekt, luv <3
  9. Just watched this haha. Why is the bass so loud?
  10. Some poop. I like this trap tune, mad bass. Moody Good is a monster, this song is insane.
  11. Will have to subcrib in that case.
  12. Forza looks fantastic, pretty excited for that. Ghost recon looks insane, but after the release of the Division not going to plan, I'll wait and see how that goes. Battlefield does look very impressive, not sure I would get it though. Definitely will be getting the new Gears, the beta was really good and it is back to its best imo. This looks sweet
  13. Erffc plz
  14. Used to love this not gonna lie. This is a surprising good tune.
  15. Getting the new album on Vinyl on Friday! Buzzing. Going to see them in July as well.