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  1. Clipping Point - Racing - Action - Verb: Mostly used in drifting. the point you aim for for front tires to touch/come near, in order to get around the corner smoothly. Examples: The S turn on Cliffrider has 2 clipping points. Sentence: I was able to pass Josh because i hit my clipping points perfectly.
  2. LLOLOLOOOPLOL bk scrandy randy
  3. I R GON jon bcuz i r teh proz at tis =).
  4. i live in Florida. and i dont know anyone else who does besides konakid but i dont want to meet him
  5. ok i know it isnt. being sold and the suprise is gonna be epic!
  6. i already know and i almost tricked kona into giving me the name last night
  7. ok it was a party of people who used to be in haltracks. and they were like yeah he sold the website. and i was all like wtf ? he better not have and tat's just some stupid rumor
  8. i have resently been hearing rumor that c u has sold this website or something of that sort. so is it true c u? have you really sold the site. i dont think it's true but i want it to be in stone that it isnt true and is only a rumor. if you have any information on it feel free to post.
  9. MOST FLIP'S POSSIBLE! DESCRIPTION: This is a contest to see who can make a map that can do the most frontflip's or backflip's off of 1 jump. RULES: 1. There con only be 1 jump. all he flip's have to come from this 1 jump 2. The flip has to have a smooth landing of any kind. 3. There must be a map and a video sent to me for you to win. The winner will be chosen by how many flip's they can complete off of 1 single jump PRIZES: The prizes will be anywhere from gold card's, mircosoft point's, and many other thing's DATE OF FINISH: The contest will end on the 4th of JUNE Good luck to all participant's and happy forging : )
  10. ok this is how it works. the first person to succesfully make a double back flip on any map will get a large prize. the flip must be a double back flip with a smooth landing. the back flip must rotate at least 8/10 times. send me the map when you have completed it. the contest will end when the first person complete's it. happy forging and good lck to all participant's : )
  11. Cool
  12. hey you get on live and race me now! im bored out of my mind! your map choice i just want to race! now get on hurry go!
  13. sign me up plz! : )
  14. good job stephen send a freind request