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  1. Holy, So stoked! Should be awesome to encourage advertising on the new site! Hopefully create new relationships with other affiliates, community verse community battles would be awesome to participate in again. Get some live streams games going! Good luck fellas!!
  2. Its an honour to read an sophisticated piece of literature, dream on my dear companions dream on HaloTracks shall live on.
  3. Get some good ole demo racing onnnn
  4. Always nice to see another update by the lovely journalists ;D Congrats to the new members of the staff ^.^
  5. Glad I was able to help
  6. Sup Monty I doubt this is your name but w/e
  7. It means you are doing good with those selfies
  8. I would join, but I want everyone else to have an opportunity of winning. Its only fair for everyone else.
  9. sexy gals
  10. Quoted cos it's vapour Quoted cuz its a quote of myself
  11. Ludicrous
  12. I kinda have to agree with Jeff, the trailer doesn't do the movie justice. I have a feeling the story is going to be bad, but if you want just plain ole action, go see it
  13. I laughed so hard at the second image oh man. Is that a real mustache brah?
  14. Pretty badass Masta, I like how you used the colours to make it pop out.