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  1. Feature System As many of you noticed, we have not had a featured map for quite some time; now the Staff is going to be bringing back Featured Maps. This system will be different from the last one, as we had it where only four individuals would choose the map that would be featured. Now, we will be including the community within the Featured Map system. Instead of the four individuals choosing which map is featured, they will be picking four different maps to be voted on for feature. The community will then vote which map will be featured. This will continue every two weeks instead of one. The four individuals will be Vapour knuckles, Mr Frodo24, SpEcTaCuLar Ra, and Masta Blastr. We will have our main forum called "Featured Maps", the subforums will consist of "Nominations", "Vote", and "Tracks Being Voted". Head Mapmakers are required to look at every map that has been posted in the past few months and keep notes of which ones is a possibility of being featured. The more detailed plan for our new Featured Map system will consist of people nominating any racetrack that the individual feels should be featured in the "Nominations" subforum. In this subforum, the community will make new topics on nominating a map which they think will have a chance at being featured. While using the following rules shown below: The format for nominating a track: [b]Race Track Name:[/b] [b]Creator(s):[/b] [b]Link to Gallery Post:[/b] [b]Why do you think it should be featured:[/b] Once you make a topic following the rules and format for nominating a track, one of the Head Mapmakers will decide if your nomination has any chance at being featured and if it is following the rules. If not, the Head Mapmaker will close the topic, thus showing that the map is not qualified for a feature. There will be two pinned topics in the Nomination subforum, one will be showing the rules and format on how to nominate a map and what the subforum is for. The second pinned topic will be a list of all possible nominations so that other members can check out the list so they don't double nominate a map, as it will also be easier for the four individuals to go over nominations. The list will have the Map name with the gallery link and the link to the original nomination topic. When the four individuals go over the list, they will put "~Possibility" or "~Closed". Every two weeks at a certain time, the four individuals would go over the list and discuss which map should go up for feature. When the time comes, the voting for Feature map will take place every Thursday - Friday every two weeks by our Head Mapmakers. The voting will not be a poll vote as it is unreliable to have a proper voting without cheating. It will be a post poll as you have to post stating which map you feel should be featured. The main Voting topic will have the title called "Vote For Feature", and it will have the description for the feature voting and how to vote. It will have 4 images, one image overview for each track with the name of the track on top and it will have a link to a topic that is made in the "Tracks Being Voted" subforum where the topics are made so that people can go view the track description to get a more in depth description and look of the track. Also the download link will be provided in that topic. When you vote in the Vote for Feature topic, you have to vote for your two favorite maps, the format for voting will be shown below. The first track you vote for will be worth two points and the second will be worth one point. After a whole week of voting, the winner will their map on "Feature Maps" forum which will go one the home page as your prize for winning. The format for voting for a track to be featured: [b]First Favourite:[/b] [b]Second Favourite:[/b] When you get at least two features, you will receive a rank called "Distinguished", it will show to others among the community as you won two features because you are a good forger a certain time period. Everyone including people in the past will receive this rank and the list of people who have won at least 2 features are: This list will keep being updated every feature so we know when someone has gotten at least 2 maps featured. When a map is featured, there will be a topic made by our Head Mapmakers in the "Feature Maps" forum and the topic will be as this example shows you below. As above feature maps topics will show the name of the track, creator of the track, map's name, the gametype, description of the map and 2 overview screenshots, and they will be in size; 640px by 340px. Also there can be a video as well, but that is optional. We will try and provide videos when we can. Also below we will send a personal message to the winner for three questions if they didn't include it when posting their map in the gallery, because we want to know of what they were thinking when they made the track. If you have any questions, please comment below. Regards, The Halotracks Staff This system will be fully implicated within the week.
  2. List of Distinguished Members This topic will be showing a list of people who have earned a featured map on Halotracks. This topic is to organize the members who are supposed to receive a rank called "Distinguished", that you receive you when you earn at least two features (or one BOH3 or BOHR feature). Also, it will show to others among the community that those who have won two features did so because they were a good forger at a certain time period. This list will show those who have earned at least one feature, it will show what number of features people have earned, and all links to all their featured maps. This list is designed to organization who is supposed to earn the Distinguished rank, and thus this topic will be updated with every map that is featured. This list is updated with every new track that is featured on the site. If you see a map that is missing from this list, feel free to let us know. ~ If you have any questions, comment below Regards, HaloTracks Staff
  3. Holy, So stoked! Should be awesome to encourage advertising on the new site! Hopefully create new relationships with other affiliates, community verse community battles would be awesome to participate in again. Get some live streams games going! Good luck fellas!!
  4. Its an honour to read an sophisticated piece of literature, dream on my dear companions dream on HaloTracks shall live on.
  5. Get some good ole demo racing onnnn
  6. Always nice to see another update by the lovely journalists ;D Congrats to the new members of the staff ^.^
  7. Glad I was able to help
  8. Sup Monty I doubt this is your name but w/e
  9. It means you are doing good with those selfies
  10. I would join, but I want everyone else to have an opportunity of winning. Its only fair for everyone else.
  11. sexy gals
  12. Quoted cos it's vapour Quoted cuz its a quote of myself
  13. Ludicrous
  14. I kinda have to agree with Jeff, the trailer doesn't do the movie justice. I have a feeling the story is going to be bad, but if you want just plain ole action, go see it
  15. I laughed so hard at the second image oh man. Is that a real mustache brah?
  16. Pretty badass Masta, I like how you used the colours to make it pop out.
  17. Cool kid^
  18. 7/10 - Not that bad of a signature, I don't quite like the text though. Also my order is by when the game came out; Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo ODST, Halo Reach, Halo 1 anniversary, Halo 4.
  19. 1/10 No signature :(
  20. #Winning Thats all I have to say
  21. I seen both seasons, looooooove the show, it's my favourite series. I'm probably going to read the books now since we have to wait 9 months for season 3 to start :/
  22. I usually wear a light sweater and track-pants, clothes that easy to maneuver while providing a layer to provide some sort of protection. I haven't played it seriously, usually just with a group of friends.
  23. Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy the site
  24. 6/10 I haven't seen you before, most likely due because I haven't been active before yesterday . Also you have to give a reason because deano is a faggot