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    I like to play football wit friends, play video games and hang out wit friends. I like making and racing racetracks on halo3 and lastly i like HALOTRACKS!
  1. ill be there. sign me up.
  2. hey put me on honda f1. if u want to join me let me know.
  3. #88 Sprite/EA Sports
  4. sign me up. cant wait for reach(:
  5. hey sign me up! GT: Racin Jason88
  6. 7/10 ive seen u all over the site but have not raced wit u that much.
  7. damn. there is really no one talking on this. that sucks. HT on Reach is gonna be awesome though!!!!
  8. ill be there.
  9. sign me up!
  10. sign me up!!!
  11. How can i become a track tester?