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  1. It was a terrain track on sandbox, and literally if you go in forge and go all the way up and look down at the track, it looks in the shape of Africa, that's why me and egodude called it that lol
  2. UPDATE: Purpledinosaur found 180 Banks(: NEXT MAP - Africa on Sandbox by ME and egodude ... This was easily best sandbox terrain track ever created. Cannot find it!! GOOD LUCK SEARCHING BOYS .. plz
  3. Bro I got the terrain tracks. AND I MADE A NEW ONE ON VALHALLA!!! Includes a never before seen WORKING ROCK JUMP. Called Prophecy Circuit .... LEARN THE LINE. NOT FOR BEGINNERS
  4. Hello everyone, long time no talk.. If anyone out there has my racetrack "180 Banks" or any for that matter, I would appreciate it so much. Please help me find them! - Long live HaloTracks P.S. I hope to race with you guys when the new Halo comes out. Get ready for the OG RACING CHAMP to return.....and no I'm not talking about vVT3hJoshn3ss95 :/
  5. Lemme Get some HT points. Lol.

  6. noob lol who says that? Masta, dog, why are you still on that? That's like 4 years ago and if you had anything to do you would have stopped being ignorant and know im not fat and havent been for 3 years. Obviously you dont get out much and your life is here.
  7. go away cassel
  8. DEANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! and stormi i have no idea lol
  9. do i know you? lol
  10. im in it to win it(:
  11. what have you heard about me? lol and i <3 you more aviator!!!(:
  12. OMGRRREEE JEWSHNEESSSS HHHIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):)
  13. Lol long story... but for short, when yall got new servers it didnt transfer over the people who are banned or somehing like that... Ive been unbanned for like a year lol
  14. I <3 you too(:
  15. hello everybody!!!!!