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  1. Lemme Get some HT points. Lol.

  2. noob lol who says that? Masta, dog, why are you still on that? That's like 4 years ago and if you had anything to do you would have stopped being ignorant and know im not fat and havent been for 3 years. Obviously you dont get out much and your life is here.
  3. go away cassel
  4. DEANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! and stormi i have no idea lol
  5. do i know you? lol
  6. im in it to win it(:
  7. what have you heard about me? lol and i <3 you more aviator!!!(:
  8. OMGRRREEE JEWSHNEESSSS HHHIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):)
  9. Lol long story... but for short, when yall got new servers it didnt transfer over the people who are banned or somehing like that... Ive been unbanned for like a year lol
  10. I <3 you too(:
  11. hello everybody!!!!!
  12. The Brave the Strong the Un-forgotten...

  13. I LOVE YOU CHEW!!!

  14. I miss you chew <3