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  1. Hats off to Hatter

    1. OrionHardy


      "He is black and white.
      but he doesn't fight
      except for mating rights and territory."

    2. Le Hefe
    3. Masta Hippie

      Masta Hippie

      Deans out for Deano

  2. Howdy HT, for everyone who remembers ol' man Deano. i've come out of lurking to shamelessly plug my bands brand new completely free EP: https://soundcloud.com/watchfrogs/sets/edgar-allan-toad

  3. Doing alright, how bout yourself?
  4. came here just to see purple being excited for Halo wars 2....

  5. wait did someone say velocity?

  6. Dont own an Xbox 360 here anymore. Will be purchasing the MCC and would love to race in Velocity otherwise. But i dont think this idea will work and I cant be a part of it.
  7. we got rid of it because it was bad and didnt work. I hope the next one does work, but for now im sceptical
  8. we said the same thing for HT 4 though....
  9. still havent plugged my xbox in since i got home. sorry for the inactiveness friends