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  1. can anyone help me test a racetrack map i created ( its on sandbox)
  2. vapor knuckles add my gt it my user name and can u test a map i built with me preferably today or tomorrow
  3. well wragngoth2 i do appreciate it but what actually happened was i lagged and double posted so i changed the title on topic of this so i wouldn't double post my original topic and the maps on sandbox by the way.
  4. thanks for the advice wrangoth2 but i did talk it through a lot of my friends on xbox live and wanted to take it further through the internet and i also wanted to ask the experts
  5. Teenagespartans again i built a race map real quick and will redo it but i need people to help!
  6. hello, teenagespartans here i have 2 ideas that i am not sure have been made yet 1. death race- players play on a map where there's obstacles that kill you. the last one standing gets the round and the one to go least negative wins. 2. straight away- instead of teen laps there's ten rounds where its a straight dash for the finish, it includes obstacles and the first one to the vip point wins i made two maps to test and i will be on about 6:30 eastern standard time so please if you would like to help test, play, and maybe even build a map please answer my call
  7. i have no clue im new hear
  8. ok will do
  9. i like the new rule in my opinion its fair
  10. thank you! when i joined i wanted to learn the basics and within a day a wonderful user ike you has answerd all my questions
  11. LOVED IT! thee best map on rats nest keep up the good work
  12. sorry i forgot to say that i think you should have the begining at a different place sorry forgot to say that
  13. thanks for thinking the link man good map!
  14. Decent map loved most of it but a little bumpy for my taste 4/5 9/10
  15. One of my favorite maps ever 6/5 11/10