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  1. that wasn't funny...
  2. So YOU'RE one of those AR bk randoms... I despise those people.
  3. This request is something killer was working on almost 7 months ago. Should've been finished.
  4. I believe you can use Architect Studio to burn DVDs. I may be wrong.
  5. oh blam! son. welcome back. :]

  6. Ahh never fear brotha trays. Some things have a way of coming back sooner than expected :)

  7. Mr Frodo24...fallen comrade..I shall never forget thee....see you in about a week lol

  8. Welcome to HaloTracks Mr Frodo!

  9. This website is very close to dead. Cu, if I were you I would stop wasting my money on a website that only about 20 users per day log on to. The members and staff of this website are arguing about things that are completely irrelevant because the fact is none of the staff blam! matters when you're website doesn't even reach more than a handful of people. The discussions of staff and how many should there be etc are the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Suggestions of 3 forum ninjas when the population of the website isn't more than 50 and there are barely 20 posts a day? I may have been a bit of a prick in my day, but at least I knew how to run and manage things efficiently, whether most people liked it or not. Call it favoritism, but sometimes you got to use the people you know you can count on, which don't consist of people like Cassel.
  10. Okay, ummm.... I think your mistaken.
  11. you were probably the only skilled drummer in the video IMO
  12. how do you not understand? frodo is the hobbit from lord of the rings and he has big ears (or in my case i call myself frodo because of its use in one of the first scenes of the adam sandler version of the longest yard, which also references big ears with frodo).
  13. that's not what frodo's big ears have heard
  14. it's the newest sensation: The White Man Group! haha jk Is this what you do whenever you said you couldn't be active on HT lol
  15. <3 oh my god tote, you are so sweet! I love you too! And I'm ahead of hobo, killer, spike, ray, and barron. I'm scary good To address the topic, if there wasnt an HT I wouldn't have established the Testers as a real team in Halo 3, done 50+ tester reviews, been head tester for almost a year, came back after a year to be head tester again, been admin of HT for almost a year, gotten annoyed at 3 yr olds, won the Staff Vip tourney to TJ's demise , and last but not least I would not have met some great people and great friends. To name several of those choice figures, here goes nothing in no particular order: killer, loco, egodude, c u l8er, guineapig, fretlessarcade, Bulle jr, screwball13, jbarron, whiskeywarm, tote trays, bremerie93, katancik, enragedhobo, tj, and many moa.