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    girls (duh..), MCLA, Halo, Cars (mostly RX-7's lol), nitrous, GTA IV... ummm... i think thats it.
  1. excuse me but i think that the best way 2 c LA is @ 245 M.P.H. i play WAAAAYYY 2 much MCLA. oh yea and YAY IM FAMOUS!!!! and my personal fav, NFS:U2, or Need 4 Speed: Underground 2. Edit: RX-7's rule!!
  2. wow... my gamertag/gamertags? ok here goes: speedemon24, i luv racing games (speed), im a demon (not rlly lol) and 24 is a random #. speedemon24. next! StReEtRaCiiNg.... this 1 is self-explanitory. 4 the idiots, I LIKE ILLEGAL STREET RACING GAMES lol. ok my newest 4 the year: xXdRiiFtxRX7Xx. i play MCLA 2 much and i got 1 of those idear thingys. i said 2 myself: " I drift in RX7's.... PERFECT!!!" and my newest gt wuz born.. ok heres the long story: xX x Xx: evry1 has x's in their gt's.... rite? dRiiFt: well i drift in MCLA... RX7: how could i 4get my favorite car!!! ok theres my story go play xbox now lol.
  3. Midnight. Club. Los. Angeles. completely amazing.
  4. thats so awesum. btw im on my PSP
  5. ahhhhhhhh... it's ok....
  6. looks like a dl. i'll test it!