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  1. Well. Since I can't POST A LEAVING TOPIC. I'll just say it here. Just incase you didn't know already, I Left. Im just coming to look at what BLue SAid. THank's for the trust, And I just want to say, I'll OBVIOUSLY Be at LivePlayers.tk to [lastwords]~LONG LIVE XTS~[/lastwords] Oh, and BTW I've been here since the utter begining, I Got this forum started, with the First Ever Forum Game, that was in the wrong topic.
  2. I want to change to XTS SureShot, When i get teh MS Points.
  3. It's Very technicall. I dont have it anymore, but me and Darth Dudy went through and redizined half of it. I'm making a New NO Walled map right this second.
  4. Sorry for no pictures, and just download the track from here, Im grounded and cant get online. Download
  5. Hey guys, I made an AWESOME track in foundry, It's called friction and incorperates a few things, but I cant do walls well and was wondering if anyone could do them for me, When Live gets back up, I'll have the map and an Overview. You also get to decide the patch of the track in one spot where you have the start point an where you get onto the skytrack part. NOTICE: I will keep this up FOR-EV-ER so people can also use this to work on their Wall making Skillz. BUT PLEASE GIVE ME MAIN CREDIT FOR TRACK IF YOU REALLY WANT TO POST IT!!!! Download
  6. OMG ONLY TWO LEVELS TO GO! Cortana and the covenent.
  7. I NEED TO BEAT CAMPIGN ON LEGENDARY! ADD ME ON LIVE NOW! OoHobbit 117oO Plz, I want to get all chievments.
  8. Watch them double posts. I picked, (or are about to pick) Saturn, just cause it's fun.
  10. Yeah, same here, even if it's empty.
  11. If you do leave go to liveplayers. lol But still I dont think you should, your the life.
  12. That's ironic whales, you are a horny school girl!
  13. It's a HUGE addon to halo 3, coming out the day before my birthday, June 1, 2009
  14. Yeah, I dont thnk there will be reconz.
  15. Yeah well, It's Paint.net