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  1. I didn't know I couldn't post what I'm listening just like everyone else, Cassel sorry.
  2. Oh don't worry. I've stopped listening to that crap. I'm into some throwback Beiber now, mainly "Baby"
  3. I had been listening to a lot of one direction but then Zane left so I've been listening to some classic Rebecca black recently, namely "Friday"
  4. April 1st pancake and workinhead...
  5. Well damn, Jab, lol. Sounds reasonable Edward but I still don't know if blocking immediately post checkpoint is legal or illegal. Your first point says it's okay to do but your fourth one says no... And would waiting in front of the checkpoint facing straight down the racetrack (back wheels against exit shield door) be illegal? Because I do it a lot because it's a good spot to pick up the "dunglow" (if that's even spelled or said right).
  6. Sunset cliffs*^ officer
  7. "Immovable" means it's not moving. So I don't see the confusion of that rule. I know I myself and m it's people are actually pretty generous when counting to 10 aloud - that is most of us count faster than real time. A "ten second hold" is usually 7-8 when I count as I do it pretty fast. Secondly, I can see the blocking after the checkpoint made illegal. But I don't think it is as by of an issue as you make it out to be. You are sort of having a "knee jerk" reaction to it and naturally think it should be changed because the people you have been playing against recently (myself for sure) have done it a lot. You don't want to overreact to something because it is becoming a new tactic that wasn't done very often before so it may come across as cheap. Blocking immediately after the checkpoint is essentially the same as blocking in a single wide area on the track, which there are many single wide areas that are popular blocker choke points to block racers. (Tren trek, Canalel, steak and potatoes, benukdem and so on) and the most important point of all: both teams have to deal with it... If you feel it's tough to race against when people do that, you should do it as well! It's just like anything else in demo. There are some tactics and hit spots and trap spots and resets that are better than others. If one team is doing it, do it back if it's legal!
  8. Just a suggestion. Maybe teams of 4 total, but u play both 3v3 and 4v4 matches (assuming everyone is on). I think we could get about 4 teams with that format. But I would like to sign up on the condition that the rug wasn't swept from under star.
  9. this makes me feel so much better about my racing skill, that was an awesome video.
  10. After reviewing the film, reflex gets +17 in wrecks and takes first and cassel goes down to 9th place with -42 for reckless racing / -5 for being Canadian - your new total is 36. In other news, there were in fact pigs flying at this tourney.
  11. The browns will do the best out of that bunch for sure. But first and foremost, you gotta be careful if you drop the 49ers defense because someone will be quick to snag them up and take them from you...
  12. I know, its a QB driven league, both in real life and fantasy. RB's are becoming less and less important as they can be quite sporadic. And I agree, Charles and McCoy will both have better stats the rest of the season. They are just in minor slumps.
  13. haha, thats exactly what his initial trade offer was. but like i said before. i convinced him that CJ's value was slim to zero because of his lackluster performances and his lingering injury, so i said i need a running back to replace forte. he offered lacy,i denied that and i asked for bell. he accepted after i gave him a breakdown of fortes stats and how much better he was than bell (even though he's not, i just gave him all the "not so important" stats where forte was better than bell in...). but the initial offer for CJ for forte was prob against me because like I said, CJ is off to a slow start and forte is 4th best in the league right now RB wise. He was also desperate. he's 1-4 and people start to think they have to make big changes early in the season when they have a bad record when in reality, some of his stars were just off to a slower start. I have no doubt CJ will be back and be a solid WR2 option.
  14. same outing from welker this past week. i really don't know he can out battle the other three, he may get more targets, but he is a short yardage guy. Btw, I absolutely ripped off one of my buddies with a trade. I gave up Matt Forte for LeVeon Bell and Calvin Johnson. I basically convinced him that CJ was a bust because of his crappy past four weeks, but really, two of those outings were not that terrible (8 pts each), and one of them, he left in the first quarter so of course he is not gonna have a good game. Also, Leveon Bell is actually the number 3 back in the league compared to Forte who is currently number 4. My team is now Peyton Manning, LeVeon Bell, Gio Bernard, Antonio Brown, A.J. Green, Calvin Johnson or Emmanuel Sanders, Julius Thomas, Bengals D, and Novak as my kicker. I shouldn't lose more than once the rest of the season with that lineup.
  15. hahah, i remmebr ty more with lag than aviator. but good to hear from u. come by and play some halo some day