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  1. I don't know, do you guys really want this? I'll do it if you do.
  2. I enjoy Clay Aiken.
  3. Good track, good video. I've always loved Breaking Benjamin.
  5. Sign me up for this nao.
  6. That sounds cool. This is just the first one, so I just wanted some feedback.
  7. Lol, I can't please everyone. Maybe in the future there will be 3 songs for each category.
  8. Everyone please check out my newest topic. MOTW has now begun. Listen, Vote, Give Feedback.

  9. Music of the Week Week 1 Hey guys, Monkeytanner here with a new weekly thing I would like to start. Music of the Week. As you can tell, many people are huge music fans here, including me. I will most likely include genres such as Rock/Alternative, Hip Hop/Rap, Electronic/Dance, Reggae, and Metal/Death Metal. If you would like to request a genre to be included please leave a comment. Also, leave your opinions on the music, and this brand new idea. Any feedback is appreciated. So, sit back, chill out, plug those skullcandies in and here are my top songs for the week: Rock/Alternative: Hip Hop/Rap Electronic/Dance Reggae Metal/Death Metal Thank you for tuning in this week, and leave your feedback on the music and this new weekly post. Remember to vote for your favorite.
  10. ESPN on the dashboard is the single greatest thing since sliced bread.

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      You have a ISP that supports I switched this morning lol

    3. a Deanosaur

      a Deanosaur

      1 vs 100 was the best thing

    4. Camonized
  11. I apologize for that. I had some personal problems to take care of. I will try to make three races.
  12. Can't wait for Terrain. Ah
  13. I demand a "meh." choice.
  14. SIgn me up pl0x