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  1. chuck norris can slam a revolving door. once chuck norris was stabbed in a dark alley three days later the knife died. chuck norris's tears cure cancer to bad he never cries. superman wears chuck norris pajamas. chuck norris can charge a cell phoe by rubbing it against his beard. chuck norris has a hive of traained hornets living in his beard.
  2. i want black ops dead rising two pair o' turtle beaches and a snuggie lol
  3. i heared somewhere that infinity ward was gonna make another MW game next year and bungie was gonna make like a space call of duty like thing
  4. ohh god i remeber SSX tricky and SSX 3 those were the game si played the most before i got my 360.
  5. and then everybody died. there once was a boy who didn't get reach
  6. thats why you order from amazon mine was at my doorstep when i got home
  7. is your nme google? (no, why) becuase you are evrything i am searching for.
  8. sad face =( i don' t get to be on the team =((((( oh well
  9. 5 albums of A7X and atreyu + parents on vacation for three days = 37 and half hours so i think i win
  10. then the plane exploded. there once a master chief
  11. i am up for it but just make it a saturday pl0x
  12. put me in back up because i am not sure if i can make it
  13. when i get reach it will be around 7:30 =( and me and my friend will just play through the campaign together
  14. i wont this position
  15. Human Leader: Anders Strategy: build three scorpians up to canister shell make three fully upgraded spartans rush them and win coveneant leader: Prophet of Regret strategy: make two scarabs get folowers make three locusts fully upgrade Prophet