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  1. Can't explain it
  2. Wow, it was hiding from me, darn updates... Thanks
  3. Can someone please make it so we can go back and edit map posts? Thanks
  4. Race (Rally) is in Rumble Pit
  5. Thats crazy, I've seen AND, NAND, NOR, etc. gates, but nothing this extreme.
  6. Damn, I have a four way tie Halo Halo 2 Burnout 3 Spy Hunter
  7. You should buy the Alpha Version, and play the Survival Mode, thats fun
  8. Sup guys. Ive been playing minecraft like crazy for the past few months. Its probably my favorite pc game as of now. Anyway went into a mulitplayer freebuild game today and decided to make a huge pixle art of the Master Chief. Here we go: Lets start with a helpful outline of what were going to make: Good, and then there where two...legs Now how about the rest of him! Yay, oh wait...Where the hell are his legs. Some douche must have deleted them! Oh well, lets remake them! Dodedodedodedode.... And the moment weve been waiting for... Pretty insane huh? Another angle Size comparison Uh oh, that doucher Hulette is back.... Don't you dare! And in the blink of an eye it was all gone :( You can probably still check out the remains in the ~D3 by Kekec12345 (PublicRelease server at Oh well, it was fun while it lasted:( Hope you gues liked it
  9. Where can I pick up this game O.o
  10. *cough*
  11. Hey guys, the years starting back up again and I'm gona try and bee more active! Reach is out, and thats going to jump-start a lot of things around hear. Tons of new members, maps, and squads are coming up up. I might apply for a staff pos. after I re-establish myself. Hope to see you all in the forums and online! ~Goldleader5
  12. I'm staging the assassination of +KATANCIK, JBARRON40, anyone want to help?
  13. Final exam for my drivers license is 2marro, cant w8

  14. Final exam for my drivers license is 2marro, cant w8

  15. Final exam for my drivers license is 2marro, cant w8