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  1. More pics from another HC tourney which I forgot to post a while ago. I know it's dated, but I figured it would be best to post it anyway. As per usual, members are encouraged to host tournaments on any Halo game. Anyway, here's the recap. Results: @Masta Hippie @Le Hefe @Mad Hatter @tote trays @xTheSully @UnknownRacing32 @Dumb As H3ll Another stacked field. Dumb As H3ll got his first taste of Halo racing on a ruthless stage. xTheSully (purple) and UnknownRacing32 (blue) where neck and neck all tourney long. Tote Trays performed adequately, finishing 5th. Mad Hatter (pink) would get the better of Camonized (gold) this time around. Hatter would snag 3rd over Cam by 2 points. Jedi Masta Hippie (green) had the tournament under control, while Le Hefe (orange) would rebound in dramatic fashion during the final race to tie Masta, giving them a split tournament victory. Sully showed the speed to compete... did UnknownRacing. Tote Trays, the people's wildcard. Dumb put in a valiant effort, despite his inexperience. TransFuzion HC is always a classic, providing great racing along the way... ...and the FUSION coils. The tight confines and sharp banks of Pyrosis HC kept everyone on their toes. R. I. P. in pepperoni. POW was the cheesiest track by far. Who wants to see it's appearance in another tournament? RECAP FOR HC TOURNEY 3 IS COMING!
  2. Unreleased tracks are usually are the original tracks played at their original length. They're either non-existent in the OST or condensed/modified for the OST. I prefer listening to these tunes in their full length, but that's just me. Killer sountrack, regardless.
  3. Been on an ODST binge lately. A lot of the unreleased tracks are pretty hype.
  4. Did someone say ‘Tournament’?

    1. NukedIceCream


      Nope, didn't hear anything

    2. xEasyTargetx


      I could use a good race

  5. While HT doesn’t officially endorse non-Halo or odd-Halo (Halo Wars) tournaments, they have always been supported for members to host and participate in. There have been tournaments for racing related games such as Forza, all the way to odd games like World Series of Poker. With that being said, I can’t imagine anyone having an issue with Indie Halo games having tournaments. I’m not sure what sort of popularity will arise from upcoming indie Halo titles such as i01, but I would encourage you to at least take a stab at it. I’m sure enough HT denizens are equiped with PCs adequate enough to run these games. Either way, if you find a group to participate in your tournies for these games, count me in. ”If you build it, they will come.”
  6. See you guys before the holidays! Heading back to the Carolinas today. I'll still be on the Discord and the forum. Adios!

  7. Another weekend, another tourney, different game. It seemed appropriate to return the spotlight for a casual-competitive racing experience that has unfortunately been left behind due to the limitations with the newer race gametypes from recent and concurrent Halo titles. Thanks to backwards compatibility, we were once again able to revisit those glory days. There was a tournament, carnage unravelled and 'twas fun. Hopefully get to host another one next weekend! Stream Replay (courtesy of @xEasyTargetx): Full Results: @Edwyrd, @Mad Hatter, @Masta Hippie, @Le Hefe, @tote trays Easy Target (blue) and surprise guest Tote Trays (red) proved to be worthy adversaries for each other. Tote would barely finish ahead of Easy for 6th overall. Jeff (orange) and Hatter (pink) were fast, but Hatter would often get stung by karma and Jeff's luck would run out. Hatter finished 5th, while Jeff finished 4th. King Edward narrowly edged out Jeff by one point in the final standings to take 3rd overall. Hardcore guru Masta Hippie (green) used his consistency and survival tactics to claim the runner up spot, but was bested by Cassel (gold) by a mere 3 points. Tote demonstrated that anybody can win in HardcoreTracks, as he cruised to an upset round win during round 1 of TransFuzion HC. The flying debris obstacles were bound to involve carnage wherever they were featured. Despite usually being redundant, battles for position were tightly knit more often than not. While he didn't dominate, Cassel was the only racer to post a perfect race score of 15 points on Sonic HC. As previously mentioned, Jeff didn't have the greatest of luck. Jedi Master, or the Tortoise from the Tortoise vs Hare tale? The world may never know the truth of the legendary Masta Hippie. What a race. Until next time, folks.
  8. Well I was going to use this screeny for a future tourney banner...
  9. I wanted to host another one of these following the H4BC tourney last friday, but didn't get around to posting another tourney or even get the results up for the previous tourney. It was an eleventh hour decision and the map list was improvised 45 minutes prior to the tournament. Regardless, we pulled a tourney together and everyone had a great time. We also had a bigger turnout! See you next week! Full Results: @Mad Hatter @Kat2BKittnMe @Bean05 @Edwyrd @xEasyTargetx @NukedIceCream Vroom vroom... In his original Halo 3 racing manner, Mad Hatter checked out for an easy win at Outbreak and would go on to be the only racer with 2 wins throughout the tournament. After an early skirmish with Kat2BKittnMe (red), Camonized would run away with the win at Whitewater. Bean05 (green/cyan) quickly made his way to the front early and took with a convincing win on Velocity, despite nearly throwing it away on the final lap. Terrain specialist NukedIcecream stole the show with his dominating victory on Sorrow, in similar fashion to his terrain performance from the previous tournament. Edwyrd (black/blue) emerged victorious after a carnage filled race on Breakpoint. xEasyTargetx (blue) and Kitty showed speed, despite going win-less in the tournament. Or at least Kitty did... A salute to the brave souls who sent the downhill roller-double every lap on Breakpoint.
  10. After quite the incognito period and tournament drought on HT, racing is back! The backwards compatibility update which dropped a couple of weeks ago has opened the door for a nostalgia trip back to Halo 4. Here's a photo recap of the first Halo 4 Backwards Compatibility Tournament. I'll try to make this a weekly deal for as long as I can; Saturday at 7:00pm EST for H4 racing. Hope to see you there in future tournies! Full Results: @Masta Hippie @Kat2BKittnMe @NukedIceCream @xEasyTargetx ...and they're off! Kat2BKittnMe (red) has definitely come a long way since his days as 'masterkitty17'. NukedIceCream (pink) leads Camonized (white) on his way to a wire to wire win on Solitude. xEasyTargetx (blue) going FULL SEND in the first turn of Lioness. With a lot of potential and a little tutoring, Easy could be a factor in future tournaments. That is when he feels like it. Masta Hippie (green) was leading the way for laughs the whole tournament and briefly during the final race on Killshot.
  11. Both the title and author. This is going to be a Halo 3 tournament, so I already knew some of these maps probably never got posted to the database. The maps I wanted to use were Corners V3.1, Snowblind, Requiem 2.3, CliffsideMX, Ignite HC and Phobia HC (CliffsideMX, Ignite HC and Phobia HC are in the map database). I tried creating the tournament again. It's still giving me the user not defined error when I click 'next step', but it's at least saving my data this time around. I can only progress if I click the number of the next step. Headers are loading accordingly. Orphaned or not, map save data is not being recorded and I'm getting the 'user not defined error' every time I finish the map details. I'm also getting a 'Websocket connection' error simultaneously.