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  1. Alas, the official winning map of the 2021 Hardcore Forge Contest is none other than Blackout HC, by @xDangles25x! I got incredibly distracted and never got around to declaring this map as the of winner. Fortunately people knew this map won practically as common knowledge, but now it's official! Congratulations to everyone who entered, played and voted in this contest! Every map was creative and will have a place in futurre HARDCORETRACKS tournaments! With HC Season 6 underway, perhaps we will see another one of these? Blackout HC The first hardcore track on Blackout. It's a little short due to the object limit but quite enjoyable. This map features some holes, pillars, shield door traps and barrels. There is also a concrete block that can be knocked into oncoming racers. Enjoy! What is your personal favourite part of the map? My favourite feature of the map is the jersey barrier that you can knock down into oncoming racers. This type of trap has never been done before and it's fun to be able to take out other racers with objects. I also enjoy the barrels that can be knocked down all over the track. What Inspired your creation? I really enjoy making tracks that are unique with features that haven't been done before. I never expected that it would be possible to make an HC track on blackout but once I found out you could go under the map I was committed. What aspect of the track took you longest to make? The map was very easy to make. The only difficult part was the ending bank is right near an invisible barrier so I had to adjust that a lot to bring it within the canvas. Also the final jump into the destination needed to be tweaked several times. Full Contest Results: Blackout - 33 Acid Rain - 28 Baked Falls - 28 Violent Storm - 22 Calamity - 9 Fixed Anklke - 7 Death Run - 7 Frostbite - 1
  2. 1. Blackout 2. Baked Falls 3. Calamity 4. Acid Rain 5. Fixed Ankle 6. Death Run 7. Violent Storm 8. Frostbite 9. Afterlife
  3. Description Congratulations to all the entrants who submitted to the Hardcore contest! After loosely playing all the maps myself, I am happy to announce all of them will have a place in the map pool for Season 6 of Hardcore! The time has now come to vote Voting Instructions, Specifics, and Rules - This contest will utilize instant runoff voting, Instead of the standard 1st/2nd/3rd system with points, you will simply list maps in order of preference. If a single map does not have 50% or more of recorded first-preference votes in the first round, the least-voted map will be eliminated until a map has 50% or more of total votes. Allocation of votes from one round to the next is complicated to explain here, so have a quick read of how IRV works here. - To vote, reply to this topic with your favorite out of the submitted maps, in the order of preference. - Since this contest is using a new system of voting, you will be allowed to vote for your own map if you wish to do so. - You can omit maps from your order of preference if you do not wish to vote for them. - You may not change your vote after voting. Voting will close 11:59pm ET, October 18th, 2021. Obtaining Maps All maps will have their own respective links to .mvar files, or will be listed under a specific fileshare. Rewards $20 Steam Gift Card, provided by @Sqeazu Votes n/a Submissions (of 9) (1) Fixed Ankle HCTrack Creator(s): Brendan, Sqeazu, Nuked, SullyFileshare GT: NukedlceCream (2) Violent Storm HCTrack Creator(s): NukedFileshare GT: NukedlceCream (3) Acid Rain HCTrack Creator: xDangles25x (4) Death Run HCTrack Creator: xDangles25x (5) Blackout HCTrack Creator: xDangles25x (6) Calamity HC Track Creator(s): Derk921 Fileshare GT: LooseLemur (7) Afterlife HC Track Creator(s): Derk921 Fileshare GT: LooseLemur (8) Frostbite HC Track creator: Derk921 Fileshare GT: LooseLemur (9) Baked Falls HC Track Creators: Brendan and Sully Fileshare GT: Sullyed
  4. Banner provided by @Pancake "What is HARDCORETRACKS?" HARDCORETRACKS is a variant of mayhem racing, which takes place on skytracks modified with traps and obstacles that are designed to hinder or kill the racer. Races consist of 3 rounds with racers having one life per round. Each round ends upon the completion of 5 laps or last remaining racer. Intentional wrecking is permitted and encouraged. Rounds 1 & 2 use a traditional 2nd destination starting procedure for Halo 3, while Reach uses the in game timer. Round 3 starts immediately on spawn. Points are scored based on completion. For H3, it's 1 lap = 1 point, death = -1 point. For Reach, it's 2 checkpoints per lap, score freezes on death, racers can potentially score a maximum 15 points, or -3 points for H3. For Reach The amount of points scored per race attributes to overall standing in a tournament. For more information about HARDCORETRACKS, visit HC Compact Document and/or What is HARDCORETRACKS??? "What is on a Hardcore track?" As mentioned, Hardcore tracks feature traps which are designed to hinder or completely halt a racers progress. Maps vary in difficulty based on the track layout and traps present. Traps can be static or dynamic to spawn throughout the round. Some examples of traps include: Fusion coils/landmines - static with respawn time or dynamic. Man cannons/gravity lifts - placed to slow players down or push them off the track. Obstruction blocks - built into the track or loose obstacles like barrels and cones. Fake shield doors - placed in spots to push players off the map or into catastrophic traps. Fake jumps - serves the purpose of tricking players into following a false path. Pitfalls/holes - usually built to kill the player, placed in blind spots or without much warning (blind not recommended). Exploding vehicles - placed in killballs to destroy them and fall through man cannons to spread scrap pieces. Maps also feature enjoyable features such as shortcuts, man cannons and shield doors which serve to assist the player. Rules: Entries are open for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, no limit on map submissions; the more the merrier! Co-forges are welcome and encouraged; remember to give credit where it's due! Maps must feature various elements of a Hardcore track. Maps must be made completely from scratch, no exceptions. Maps must be made within one week prior of the contest start date, no exceptions. Maps must be compatible with the Hardcore gametypes for H3 and Reach, as well as being able to accommodate 8 players for H3 and 16 for Reach. Maps can be made on any forge canvas. The recommended canvas for H3 is Sandbox, Forge World for Reach. Maps must be made to prevent blatant cheating; this means griefing the checkpoints or unintended skipping a large portion of the track. Maps must me made to outright kill the player in the event they completely fall off the track; systems such as honor death teleporters will not be accepted. Maps are highly recommended to be optimized for console usage, as various levels of performance will influence participants who vote. Judging: All maps forged in good faith will move on to voting. Voting will be instant run-off style. How to Submit: Track Creator(s): Track name (no explicit names): .mvar file or Fileshare GT: Rewards: 1st Place will receive a $20 Steam gift card, provided by @Sqeazu! All submissions will be reviewed and have a chance to be added to the map pool for Season 6 of HardcoreTracks! Deadline: All maps must be submitted by October 4th, 2021 at 11:59pm ET Submissions:
  5. 1. Cancelled 2. Roca Roja 3. Blue Groove 4. Muddy Hills 5. Enivar 6. Blergdor 7. Rabbit Flats
  6. Wes was accidentally banned...F in the chat
  7. This topic serves as all of the need to know information for HT Hardcore. This topic is subject to change at any time; review this topic when updates are announced! Updates and results will also be posted on the HC channels in the official HT Discord! HT Discord: INDEX: Schedule Criteria Format Rules Penalties Oddities Maps Hosts Schedule: Squad tournaments will be held regularly, every: Sunday @ 7:00 PM EST on H3 (MCC, PC) Impromptu squad tournaments may be hosted at any time by discretion as long as: An official HT Hardcore host is present. There are at least 6 participants. Criteria: All racers are welcome! Participants can sign up using the tournament system, no prerequisites required. Official scheduled and impromptu tournaments must have a minimum of 6 participants. In the event that there are more than 8 participants, priority will be given to those with less completed tournaments. In the event that there are 12-16 potential participants, a 2nd lobby will be created and each will count separately towards the leaderboard. The default number of races will be 6 per tournament, unless otherwise voted prior to the start of the first race. Maps are randomly picked and voted prior to every race. Each map is listed under a number which represents the map in the random number generator. If the vote is at least 50% positive, then the map will be raced. If the vote is greater than 50% negative, then a new map will randomly be picked, which cannot be vetoed and must be raced. Maps that have been previously picked/voted/raced cannot be selected again. Format: "What is HARDCORETRACKS?" HARDCORETRACKS is a variant of mayhem racing, which takes place on skytracks modified with traps and obstacles that are designed to hinder or kill the racer. Races consist of 3 rounds with racers having one life per round. Each round ends upon the completion of 5 laps or last remaining racer. Intentional wrecking is permitted and encouraged. Rounds 1 & 2 use a traditional 2nd destination starting procedure, while round 3 starts immediately on spawn. Points are scored based on lap completion. 1 lap = 1 point, death = -1 point. Racers can potentially score a maximum 15 points, or -3 points. The amount of points scored per race attributes to overall standing in a tournament. Rules: Remain idle until official start, no false starting. Demo blocking will not be tolerated. Cheating or detrimentally disrupting the tournament will not be tolerated. Racers who lose their mongoose from result of crash must not interfere with the race while waiting for a new mongoose. No excessive griefing or overzealous trolling, play nice. Penalties: A jump or false start will result in a -1 from your total points and will be called by the discretion of the host. Automatic disqualification from the tournament, victim compensation and possible ban from future events. Automatic disqualification from the tournament, victim compensation and possible ban from future events. Race interference will result in a -1 from your total points and will be called by the discretion of the host. The racer will receive firm penalties deemed suitable by the host or tournament dismissal, if necessary. Oddities: In the event a racer scores a 'double point', they're expected to stop at earliest convenience, then rejoin the race where they were theoretically positioned before receiving their double point. Double points act as by-laps. In the event the lobby experiences significant connection issues, the host will restart the round. In the event a racer disconnects after 3 laps of the race being completed, their score will freeze for the round. Participants who start and quit for any reason, forfeit and receive last overall for the tournament, with their scoring counting towards the leaderboard. Any participant who believes a fellow racer is legitimately cheating is expected to notify the host immediately. Maps: Phobia HC - Churchyyyyy Ignite HC - Churchyyyyy TransFuzion HC - SPRINTFUZION Underworld HC - Masta Payps Slipstream HC - Itz Flair & Taxxman24 ConFuzion HC - SPRINTFUZION Fuzion's HC - SPRINTFUZION CircumFuzion HC - SPRINTFUZION Shipwreck HC - Funky Payps Pyrosis HC - Churchyyyyy The Judas Kick V2 - Taxxman24 The Hindenburg - Taxxman24 My Apocalypse - Taxxman24 Sonic HC - Funky Payps Plasma HC - Funky Payps Circulation HC - The Lone Hammer Great Gatsby - The Lone Hammer Death Rider HC - Mattimator The Unforgiven - TaxxMan24 Sabotage - Derk921 Painkiller HC - Smm2010 Atlantis HC - Smm2010 POW - WhiskeyWarm Bridge Masta - Funky Payps & Masta Hippie Hardwired HC - NukedIceCream Megadeth HC - xDangles25x Panic Attack HC - xDangles25x Insomnia HC -xDangles25x Conjuring HC - xDangles25x Paranoia HC - xDangles25x Cyanide HC - Taxxman24 Hosts: Camonized
  8. H3 H2 H5 CE H2:A Reach H4 Racing: H3 H2A H4 Reach
  9. 1. Glaciation 2. Straights MX 3. Tire and Ice
  10. First MCC Reach tourney was a success! Thank you to everyone who came out. Had a lot of fun hosting and racing! @Le Hefe @Mad Hatter @KINNZE @NukedIceCream @Populare @Rob @Sqeazu FULL RESULTS: Stream VODs: ( ( ( BreakNeck: NukedIceCream would grab the early lead on the first lap, followed by Mad Hatter, Rob, Camonized and Le Hefe. Nearing the end of the 2nd lap, Cam opted the shortcut jump, who collided with Rob on track re-entry, while Hatter lost control entering the lower pass into the split corridor before the tunnel causing a chain reaction pileup. Hatter and Cam recovered 2nd and 3rd respectively, Hefe emerged 4th and Rob 5th. Cam got around Hatter on lap 3 and gained the lead after Nuked also hurtled into the split corrider, Rob died and rejoined the race in last. Hatter spilled around the 2nd corner the following lap and fell back to fifth, Nuked bobbled through the split corridor and handed 3rd to Populare, Cam began pulling away. Hatter would crash twice more in the corridor, eventually handing 5th to Sqeazu. Hefe crashed out of 2nd with two to go and lost two positions. Cam cruised to the win, Populare climbed to 2nd after a last place start and Nuked gutted out 3rd. Top 5: Cam, Populare, Nuked, Hefe, Sqeazu Nuked (pink) struck first on BreakNeck Rob Chokes Gold Trails: Cam hugged the patch of land on the watery start to initially pull into first, only to throw it away 2 sections later. Populare would inherit the lead, followed closely by Hefe , Cam, Nuked and Rob at the end of the opening lap. Cam slipped past Hefe and the two began pressuring Populare, meanwhile 6th-8th were gridlocked in a tight battle. Hefe moved back in front of Cam the following lap while Rob trimmed his gap from Nuked. Populare retained the lead while Hefe and Cam dueled for 2nd, Rob eventually moved past Nuked for 4th. Populare endured the pressure all the way to the final checkpoint, taking the win and the points lead. Hefe brought home 2nd and Cam salvaged 3rd. Top 5: Populare, Cam, Hefe, Rob, Nuked Edward stole the show and briefly the points lead Kinnze (front) got his first taste of racing against experienced, stiff competition Xerosere: Rob avoided the chaos from the first turn to grab the holeshot. Shortly after, Rob relinquished the lead after crashing in spectacular fashion over the step down and rejoined the race in 5th, moving Cam into 1st, Hefe 2nd, Sqeazu 3rd and Hatter 4th. As the early laps played out, Cam and Hefe dueled for the lead, while Sqeazu and Hatter battled for 3rd. Populare continued to make his way up the field after the first turn carnage and passed Rob for 5th, while Sqeazu and Hatter's fight for 3rd allowed Populare to gain massive ground. A few laps later, Cam careened over a berm granting Hefe 1st, but a mistake by Hefe a few turns later immediately closed the gap back up, Populare moved into 3rd. Cam eventually got impatient and wrecked which allowed Hefe to get away. Rob would eventually overtake Sqeazu for 5th and Sqeazu fell to 7th. Hefe earned a convincing win, Cam recovered for 2nd, Populare made it back to 3rd. Points lead splits between Cam and Populare. Top 5: Hefe, Cam, Populare, Hatter, Rob Rob's starts were on point A classic Ionized track saw a classic duel between two SX thoroughbreds Epcot SX: Cam grabbed the lead and immediately created a gap from the field, with Hatter, Kinnze, Rob and Populare trailing through the opening lap. Rob made quick work of Kinnze and made it around Hatter the lap after, Populare also moving past Kinnze. Opening of Lap 3 saw Kinnze obliterate Nuked after passing him for 5th, effectively deflating his race. Kinnze relinquished 5th to Hefe and began to lose sight of the top 5. Around halfway through, Populare flipped in the whoops moving Hefe into 4th, while Rob and Hatter continued to duel for 2nd. Cam checked out and never looked back, collecting a dominating win and the points lead. Rob grabbed a stellar 2nd, Hatter 3rd. Top 5: Cam, Rob, Hatter, Hefe, Populare There was no stopping Cam this time Rob bested Hatter to earn an impressive 2nd place on a highly technical track Sandstone MX: Rob sprinted into the first turn to grab the holeshot, chaos ensued behind him and the top points holders in the tournament were scattered. Rob commanded the opening lap, followed by Sqeazu, Cam, Kinnze and Populare. A four way battle was going down for 2nd and Rob continued to pull away. All was well for the Chigaco native until he over jumped the water rhythm section and kart wheeled out of the lead in dramatic fashion. Cam gained the lead, Rob recovered to be neck and neck with Sqeazu, then Nuked and Populare. A brief mistake by Cam after the finish line created a four way train going into the first large hill, ultimately causing Sqeazu to bobble back to 3rd and for Nuked to flip, moving Hefe into 5th. Populare moved into 2nd the following uphill and kept within sightline of Cam for most of the race. Cam coasted for another win, Populare briefly came under fire from Rob on the last lap but still retained 2nd, Rob closely behind in 3rd. Top 5: Cam, Populare, Rob, Hefe, Sqeazu Rob raced a career performance despite crashing out of a convincing lead The freight train Valparaisa MX: Hefe got a killer jump on the gate and pulled the holeshot, but Cam took the lead and once again began to pull away, with Hefe, Populare, Sqeazu and Nuked rounding out lap 1. Sqeazu would make a mistake inadvertently causing both him and Populare to stall, allowing Nuked into 3rd with Hatter gaining on the top five. Hefe hit a rock and slipped into 3rd, but managed to get back around Nuked shortly after, Hatter then moved into 5th. Cam was gone in 1st, Hefe was comfortably sitting 2nd and a 3 way battle raged for 3rd. Populare and Hatter both navigated around Nuked. Populare held off Hatter in 3rd up, until the last lap when he spun out in the first corner, moving back to 5th. Cam crossed the line and clinched the tournament overall, Hefe claimed 2nd in the final race and overall standings, Hatter completed a come from behind effort in 3rd, taking 6th in the standings. Top 5: Cam, Hefe, Hatter, Nuked, Populare Nuked (pink) and Sqeazu (blue) mixed it up with the favourites once again Hatter (left) and Populare (right) duel for their standings in the final race, albeit for completely different standings Extras: Props to Kinnze for coming out and giving racing a shot! Ay, you-a pretty good-a, see you next time!
  11. For those checking in on the site, we now have a Discord! Join here:

  12. December 28th, 2018, marks my 10th year of tenure on HaloTracks. Instead of just recollecting past memories and stories I've experienced first hand, I want to take this opportunity to allow the community to reflect on the history we've shaped together and relate to my experience. It's remarkable just thinking about how something as trivial as racing 4-wheel utility quads in an FPS would create one of the most memorable experience of my life. The feats our community has pulled off have been nothing short of amazing. The intuitive terrain tracks such as Corners, intricate stunt tracks like Hammerhead, and everything in between, has truly been a privilege to experience, especially with some of the most passionate individuals I've met in gaming. From our website competing with ForgeHub plus other large Halo domains and yet still be standing, to being publicly recognised by both Bungie and 343i, to getting racing in matchmaking; we've achieved so much together as a community. Not just HT, but the racing community entirely. Back in 2008 all I ever wanted was to play RACETRACKS in lobbies where players didn't go backwards and enjoyed racing great maps. Mostly, I wanted to play with people who mirrored my passion and challenge themselves as much as I did. As I look back, I realised I got more than I ever asked for. I never thought I would compete in tournaments with real money and prizes up for grabs, let alone be doing it for a decade. HT has also played an influence in my daily life, as I've met some great friends on this website and I owe them a lot of credit for helping shape me into a better person. Some of those friendships even extended beyond HT and XBL. If it wasn't for HT back in 08-10, I probably would've resourced a pistol and blown my fucking brains out. Because of those extraordinary individuals, I was inspired to keep going, to challenge myself to be the best I could be. From the racers who pushed me to be faster, to the forgers who encouraged me to keep forging, those people taught me a lot about perseverance. Not to mention this forum also taught me a lot of important lessons about respect, discipline and maturity which I will remember until the end of my days. Not every lesson was glamorous and I was often left with a bitter taste, but most of all I learned to appreciate the perspective, even if it was blunt. From Travis (c u l8er) and Robert (killer200o), to Jeff (Le Hefe), Alvin (Masta Hippie) and Aaron (Mad Hatter), the entire HT Staff, along with every friend I've made on here, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've gotten to play excellent tracks, raced in prestigious tournaments, met great people, made loyal friends and had a hell of a time doing it. It has truly been one hell of a ride and I'll be here until the very end. Until then, there will be another time. -Cameron/Cassel
  13. More pics from another HC tourney which I forgot to post a while ago. I know it's dated, but I figured it would be best to post it anyway. As per usual, members are encouraged to host tournaments on any Halo game. Anyway, here's the recap. Results: @Masta Hippie @Le Hefe @Mad Hatter @tote trays @xTheSully @UnknownRacing32 @Dumb As H3ll Another stacked field. Dumb As H3ll got his first taste of Halo racing on a ruthless stage. xTheSully (purple) and UnknownRacing32 (blue) where neck and neck all tourney long. Tote Trays performed adequately, finishing 5th. Mad Hatter (pink) would get the better of Camonized (gold) this time around. Hatter would snag 3rd over Cam by 2 points. Jedi Masta Hippie (green) had the tournament under control, while Le Hefe (orange) would rebound in dramatic fashion during the final race to tie Masta, giving them a split tournament victory. Sully showed the speed to compete... did UnknownRacing. Tote Trays, the people's wildcard. Dumb put in a valiant effort, despite his inexperience. TransFuzion HC is always a classic, providing great racing along the way... ...and the FUSION coils. The tight confines and sharp banks of Pyrosis HC kept everyone on their toes. R. I. P. in pepperoni. POW was the cheesiest track by far. Who wants to see it's appearance in another tournament? RECAP FOR HC TOURNEY 3 IS COMING!
  14. Unreleased tracks are usually are the original tracks played at their original length. They're either non-existent in the OST or condensed/modified for the OST. I prefer listening to these tunes in their full length, but that's just me. Killer sountrack, regardless.
  15. Been on an ODST binge lately. A lot of the unreleased tracks are pretty hype.