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  1. Happy Birthday Aaron!

  2. Played at the monthly H5 Microsoft Store FFA tournament in downtown Toronto today and ended up taking 3rd O/A against some tough players!

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      Le Hefe

      Nice try, but I saw your original post. Nice try saving yourself with that edit. GGs.


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      Totally not altered with ACP or PS...

  3. Looks like I'll be going dark for a bit. I'm moving out on Saturday and won't move into my new place until September. I'll continue working on some community projects and stay on the site, but I won't be on my Xbox for a bit.

  4. Already have some ideas for tourneys once they go live!
  5. I'm wondering how our community will respond once the back compat goes live and what happens to MCC going forward. I'm not sure what everyone has planned for these games but I remember H4 in particular being a pretty sizable game (base game is 8GB, not including updates or DLC) and I'm assuming there's plenty of folks with crammed hard drive space. I'm considering uninstalling MCC to make room for these games, but I'll only go through with it if tournaments are completely in MCC. Too bad H5 takes up around 80GB. If there weren't foreseeable tournaments on the horizon, H5 would've been long gone from my Xbox.
  6. Time will tell, indeed. This won't bring Halo back, but it's a step in the right direction. The games function and the content is still there. I'm sure they'll take data from the Reach conversion to make the transition to Xbox One a lot smoother as well. It's up to the community once the devs job is done. The good news is it's happening. This will give us an opportunity to host tournaments for this game again, which is what truly counts.
  7. Photobucket can go to hell. $100 a year for 3rd party hosting? No.

  8. Yesterday afternoon, 343 Industries released a Community Update on Halo Waypoint titled 'Halo Summer Celebration'. A few things were mentioned in the update, but the biggest news by far is the 'Back-Compat Blowout' announcement; Halo: CEA, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo 4 are being added to the backwards compatibility program for Xbox One. There are no official dates yet on when they're coming to the program, but there is more good news, as all map DLC for these titles will be made free for download once the titles go live on the backwards compatibility program. What are your thoughts? I know there are a lot of nostalgia bandits out there who've been longing for the racing days of H3/4 to return and it looks like the time has come! We can do H3 and H4 tournies again! I haven't been this excited for a Halo announcement in a long time.
  9. Can't forget Ianthe. That track was pretty cool on it's own. Killshot National - Halo 4 - Motocross - XreignZ Pretty much the first motocross track in Halo 4 that was incredibly long and highly technical. Wish this was used in tournies more often. Stonepoint Rd1 - Halo 4 - Supercross - v Ionized Another masterpiece that was ahead of it's time. Goldhaven Cliffs - Halo: Reach - General - Goldman 010 One of the first few tracks to take advantage of Forge World's beauty. Gorgeous.
  10. I'm going to keep naming a few more tracks every few posts, as there were so many memorable ones and to keep the discussion going. Area 51 - Halo 2: Anniversary - Motocross - MtnDewX97 The epitome of a Motocross track; lengthy, technical and lots of variation. This track was ahead of it's time. Battlecross - Halo: Reach - Battle Tracks - THE Fuglystick A hybrid track which didn't disappoint. Always threw this one up in a custom game lobby. Sands of Time - Halo 3 - Rollercoaster - Very Sneaky Sir This track certainly earned it's title for Best Halo 3 Rollercoaster. It was pretty badass. Interstate - Halo: Reach - Terrain - purpledinosaur0 Not the flashiest of tracks, but if you wanted to settle beef with any racer via 1v1, this was the track to do it.
  11. Browsing through old posts encouraged me to make this topic and I have a feeling the community would love to take part in a nostalgia binge. So, what were your favourite racetracks from each Halo game? List your top 3 favourite tracks of any genre from any Halo game you've played. Just don't pick your own content. Feel free to elaborate on what made each track your favourite. 3. Quasar - Halo 3 - Battle Tracks - x DREAM 76 x BattleTracks was what I'd play in a custom game lobby for an audience unfamiliar with racetracks. BT felt like a great way of connecting racers and non-racers alike and Quasar was a great track to help showcase what racetracks were all about. It was fast, smooth and always a great time for everybody. 2. Requiem 2.3 - Halo 3 - Supercross - Le Hefe H3 SX tracks were more of an experiment for their time and they were very difficult to produce. Few tracks could nail down SX in H3 and I thought this was one of them. I originally didn't enjoy Requiem when I first played it, but I learned to appreciate it's difficulty as time went on. I even spin a few laps from time to time when I hop on my 360. 1. Corners V3.1 - Halo 3 - Terrain - WhiskeyWarm Corners was a no brainer, as I feel it represents the epitome of what a terrain track should be; ridiculously fast, incredibly technical and have amazing flow. While there were a lot of H3 terrain tracks I enjoyed, such as Golden (WhiskeyWarm), Snowblind V2 (Bomberman 914) and In Deseharah (Hatter is Mad), there was something special about Corners. Over the many years I played corners, every race was intense and highly competitive.
  12. How the hell can anyone watch this? The cringe meme is one meme I'll never understand.
  13. The best way to test a new profile pic is to browse through old posts and see how it holds up.

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      Le Hefe

      Sorry to see it's not holding up, bro. Here for you.

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      So insightful.  Much intelligence. 

  14. I wish you put the lobby banter in there as well. Still awesome, regardless.
  15. One discussion which often gets overlooked amongst most gamers is their actual goals with gaming. Whether it be a short term goal or a long term endgame, I feel this is an intriguing subject that helps gamers relate to one another. It could be as simple as beating a single player campaign or as difficult as reaching a high ranking on a multiplayer leaderboard. So, talk about your gaming to-do-lists, goals or endgames in this thread. For me: -100% completion of LoZ: Wind Waker -100% completion of all 3 Metroid Prime games on Hard/Hyper mode -Run a SSBMelee Classic Mode, 1-stock, no-miss clear -Achieve Grandmaster and Top 500 ranking in Overwatch -Achieve the Team Hardcore 50 rank on Halo: MCC