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  1. You are a dead man if me and Apocalyse are on the same team, playing battle snipes, and if im the Shooter.... lol I rape at BS. My top 25 would be: Deano Hatter Laxman Bomberman WillJ Chew Josh Fleck Decimal Goldman Castle lil kyle ChillyBob Aviator Bubbles Purple Vapour Em0sk8ter Tonka Apacolypse Nade Raid Aurora Ty Phantom Pvt Church
  2. Yea I will probably do that and maybe get a few riders to do a little riding on some fun tracks for the perfect footage.
  3. Jettex is not as fast as Vapour. I know that for sure.
  4. Alright guys I might be able to get some more footage this week. But the list so far is: Laxman Castle Chew SJ Tonka Phantom Sign up is still open guys!
  5. Well I got some sick racing vids and clips and was wondering about making a Velocity montage. Actors and participation would be appretiated for the film. The film is basically going to be a team montage.
  6. The 3 way tie for second was between me, Bomberman, and willJ. My results were: 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 6th. We would have done 5 races, but I had to leave.
  7. I just race more then you.
  8. I happen to be a lot higer then I expected........ Even higer then Apocalypse. B)
  9. 6:30 is fine if I can get my homework done and not have to go to the gym.
  10. Hey Gold thanks for the awesome pics!
  11. 1. Artic Trails 2. The Endurance V2 3. Phantomile 4. Corners 5. Golden 6. Tunneled Ruins 7. Ski Slope 8. Cold Cobra 9. Quasar 10. Flyin goose
  12. I never really seem to have any problem with Golden. Corners, purple hills, maybe verge, and emerge v2 are the tracks were I get wrecked. But adding on, Deano is a really clean racer. The riders that I have issues with are Josh, Chew and Fleck.
  13. put me down as an entered memeber, but it still depends.
  14. I might have a chance at showing up in Hatters spot. But I need to know how long the race is. Because it should be around an hour.
  15. who is going to be our team captain for red team?
  16. Hayabusa head Hayabusa body E.V.A. Shoulders I usually have Saphire as armour primary, steel as secondary and white detail.
  17. I could take Hatters spot in the tourney.
  18. Sorry, my bad. Just got a little confused. Also XCF, we need your new gamertag because your username does not work. Or send me a friend request so we can start practice today.
  19. Since there are 12 race tracks maybe it will be good to have 3 races in one day. If we start tuesday, then we would finish on thursday. That will give some people enough time to practice and prepare for the Jan 3rd tourney.
  20. If I am going to have any chance at participating in this event, then it has to be this week.
  21. Im in for sure.
  22. I join red team if that last spot is not reserved. If not put me as captain on the purple team. If not, then I will just be a member of the purple team.
  23. Well I have been doing racetracks for a while now but was not sure if I should join the forum. But since a lot of people on my friends list do not like racetracks. So I thought that coming here would give me an opportunity to ride some of the best race tracks with respectful members like you. With no voices like "Racetracks are stupid" to be found here, I think that this forum will be a good opportunity for me. I have seen a lot of racetrack creations made by various members like Killer200O, you, Blade Monkey751, and a lot of other various members that I can't name all of them. But you know who you are. Thanks for the welcome and I think this is going to be great.