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  1. Any ideas for how this will work for halo 5?
  2. the controls are wonky, but as far as the potential, its jaw dropping. I spent an hour just looking at the map options, then another 2 going through all of the objects available.
  3. So... anybody looking into how we are going to migrate game types to halo 5?
  4. So.... hey guys. its been a while. How are things?

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    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Fugly! Great to see you again! Things are pretty K, around here. Pretty K. Our big website update is coming along nicely. I can't wait to show it to everyone. How've you been?

    3. Camonized


      Howdy! Long time no see!

    4. The Fuglystick

      The Fuglystick

      hey guys! i've been doin well! just gettin used to adult life and the work grind. and trying to get used to the new forge controls, they are looking super nice, but they will take some time to get used too

  5. I remember your name. Side note, i've also decided to come out of the woodworks again for a bit to play around with the forge. hopefully for longer than my stint in halo 4. Its good to see that this site is still up after all these years. This group started in what, 2007/2008 on the bungie forums?
  6. Just put my first two maps in the gallery, I'll have another new map out in the gallery soon, you can check it out on my fileshare for now though.

  7. testing lobby for my new maps starts in 2 hours!

  8. I just noticed there are more terrain tracks than general tracks in the gallery. the hell?

    1. CoookkieMonster


      That's because the maps in Halo 4 are amazing for terrain tracks; us early DRL forgers figured that out last year and made like 20 each lol.

  9. Hey, since I started coming back and looking at this site, i've been keeping an eye out for tournaments to join so I can get back into racing and not just forging, but I've noticed all the DRL tournaments tend to land right in the middle of my work day since I'm on pacific, time, soon to switch over to mountain time with daylight savings. Are there any tournaments that happen a little bit later in the evenings/afternoons or on the weekends at all?
  10. Got a City map (race version and RR version) up in my fileshare, and I re-uploaded the final version for Sarnath, my first map. Will be making the gallery posts over the weekend

  11. Hey I'm going to be hosting another lobby on friday at approximately 6 pm pacific time. I've made a second version of my first track Sarnath(made a change to the gap jump at the bottom) that i wanted to do some testing on with more than two racers. This will be the official release of the map, so you can go ahead and remove the old version from your map collection. I've also finished my first city map on halo 4, Kadath, and made a rocket race version of the same map that I also wanted to do some testing on. For those able to join this lobby, I will also be using it to get pictures for the maps as well before I make the gallery posts over this weekend. I will be putting the maps on my file share this evening if you still want to check them out before the gallery posts or if you are unable to join the lobby.
  12. I love this map. Congratulations Whiskey!
  13. Welcome to HaloTracks The Fuglystick!

  14. City map is now complete and compatible for Racev1.1. Its sort of a spiritual successor to my reach map Noble Park. I'll have the RR version up soon as well

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    2. The Fuglystick
    3. smm2010



    4. The Fuglystick

      The Fuglystick

      oh btw i fixed sarnath smm. deleted the split path and explosives, made a barrel roll across the gap.

  15. Sweet, I can make my new city map dual compatible with race and this.