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  1. Hey Josh, hey Snake, hey Wolfy. To answer your question Wolfy, at the time of the Bungie Favorites thing, it seemed like all the group was trying to do was just get as many members as it could and it didn't really matter if it got out of control. There was so much uncontrolled spamming and the group was a mess. New members wanted to do everything right away and they didn't understand the rules that had been set before they arrived. Even though it seemed like it would be a good thing for the group to be more exposed, I just didn't like the disorganizedness (?) and the atmosphere. It seems like it's the good ol' HaloTracks that I loved before that though so I think I'll stay.
  2. ORLY? Hmmm......I'm interested. You might have caught my interest.
  3. No I'm not sticking around, unfortunately. I was just checking on how far this group went and WOW it's gone far. I commend you all.
  4. ....me!?!? I was one of the first hundred or so people to ever join HaloTracks and I was a very active member at my time. I was one of the top Testers and I became a Map Maker. But then once we were featured in Bungie Favorites and thousands of people joined, I didn't like where HaloTracks was going. So I left and haven't been back since. It was almost 2 years ago or something like that but maybe someone remembers. Things have REALLY changed since then. Anyway, HaloTracks just popped into my mind today and I wanted to come back and check it out. This is a pretty pointless thread but w/e.
  5. Another post! #3
  6. I posted again. #2
  7. I posted!!
  8. Or like I said in another post.......it would be cool if they made an rpg with good gameplay and an epic story just like Halo.
  9. I'm 95% sure that those "previews" on youtube are fake. Well part of them anyway. Part of them are real, but like the intro credits and stuff.......i think those are fake. And besides, Bungie doesn't have anything to do with the movie.
  10. My favorite forge is Foundry, and my favorite slayer is Blackout because it brings back so many memories from Halo 2. Ahhhhhhh pwnage.
  11. I really want to see them make a sci-fi rpg kind of like Mass Effect or Fallout. They are so good at making EPIC stories and great gameplay, that an rpg would be blam!ing amazing.
  12. If you don't do what YOU want to do, then it's not really being creative. It's someone else being creative.
  13. I hope it's something beyond Halo 3. It would be awesome if they made Marathon into a GOOD shooter like Halo.
  14. Yea your maps are awesome..You should definitely make one last one. P.S. *sniff sniff* you removed me from your friends list when you "resigned" before *sniff sniff*
  15. Actually on average, i have 25 friends online and at least 18 of them are playing halo 3, but i just dont want to race with them because i dont find it fun anymore. That's just my opinion.