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  1. Intel i7 4790k Corsair H100i All-in-one 240mm CPU Watercooler Asus Z97-PRO Motherboard Palit GTX 970 JetStream 16 GB 1866Hz Kingston Beast RAM 1x Vertex 4 128GB SSD 1x WDC Black 750GB 1x WD Server 3TB 1x LG 34UC97C 1x Asus VG248QE
  2. I liked the AC2 trilogy equally, and I'm surprised how much people dislike Brotherhood and Revelations. That trilogy is definitely my favourite of the series. Next best I would say is Black Flag, then followed by AC3 and lastly AC1. Mainly because I actually completed Black Flag and liked it despite it's performance problems. AC3 felt like a grind and sometimes made me physically cringe playing it, but I actually completed it. AC1 has to be at the bottom of my list cos I got really bored and never completed it. I also steered completely clear of Unity cos it was a shit fest.
  3. Perhaps it's just cos I don't hang around here much anymore, but I never really realized there was a problem with people disrespecting one another. I don't see how anyone could have a problem with you asking them to not be dicks to one another, I thought that was just how mature individuals acted when interacting with each other. I personally don't see a problem with banning people who are more of a detriment to the community than a positive influence myself, but it's your call.
  4. E3 this year was much better than last year, but few games seemed like they were 'amazing' and most looked 'average'. I should prob start by saying that I only saw the bethesda conference, playstation conference, EA conference, and the PC gaming show. Sony started off really funking strong, but ruined it and the second half of their conference was absolute balls. For Honour, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Hitman, and the FF VII remake all look really good, and I'm gonna be following them closely to see if they are worth getting. For Honour looks like chivalry but with much nicer combat, where taking two hits won't kill you and leave you out the game, the controls look to be nicer too. From the looks of things it's many AI and a few players as opposed to chivalry having all players, and I'm not sure I like the idea of that much, but I guess it's so the game doesn't turn into a clusterfunk of people in a deathball swinging their swords around until something dies. Horizon: Zero Dawn looks really really good, and I'm hoping for a good story and great combat. Of all the games shown, I'd say this one has the most potential, and I really hope it doesn't boil down to being an average game with a predictable story and 'mash X to win' combat. With such an open ended concept as a post-apocalypse world where people rely on hand made weapons against giant machine creatures, I hope it doesn't become some sort of 'grey goo' or 'terminator' rip off in the story department. I like the hitman games, and they announced a new one. FF VII remake to make replaying the game more fun sounds fine to me. The combat system, game mechanics, and graphics on that game have really not aged well at all. I just hope we don't end up with another 'mash X to win' game like the recent final fantasy games. At this point I'd even be happy with the 'crisis core' combat system over the old FF VII system and the new FF XIII system. Dark Souls III was shown somewhere, but I can't remember which conference, so I'm sticking it here and saying I'm looking forward to it and hoping my Dark Souls II online ban doesn't copy over or I will cry. Also hoping it's made by the same team who did Dark Souls I over the team that did Dark Souls II, because even though I prefer the mechanics of Dark Souls II, I much prefer the map and bosses of Dark Souls I. Black Ops III was revealed by Sony. It looks crap, and I just want another WWII shooter at this point. I'm sick of 'near future' shooters. I don't want jump packs and exoskeletons and shit unless I'm playing an RPG, they just make your game balancing wonky as funk. Also, this game looked MUCH worse than CoD: AW graphically. Textures were awful, and there was no real post FX's. EA conference was pretty lackluster. They showed only two good looking games, and the best was made by a small team of people doing what they love instead of being whipped by EA to throw out some more trash for this holiday season like DICE's new battlefront. I have never played a mass effect game. I am not a fan of bioware's storytelling style and won't start any time soon. Uninterested. The need for speed gameplay made me nauseous. The motion blur along with the camera being thrown around made me feel ill and I had to switch tab until it was finished. A definite 'DO NOT BUY'. Never played the other KoTOR games. I don't care about generic annual money maker sport games 2016. Don't care about plants vs zombies either. Mirror's edge looks good now they said you're not forced to fight people. Will have to wait and see how it is. And now my biggest bugbear of the entire conference. Battlefront. It sounded funking awful, and the gameplay shows it to be just as bad. It looks like this game was made to show off the engine, not to make a good game. The maps are apparently so small that flying is pointless as you will always be out of bounds, the AT-AT's are on rails, there is no space, there is no space conquest, the player amount is tiny, I'm pretty sure there is no AI playing. How can a game being made in 2016 to mimic a game from over a decade ago is even worse than it's predecessor. Definite 'DO NOT BUY'. Bethesda conference was saved by Fallout 4, but we know that's all we were there for anyway. Don't insult my intelligence with DOOM by coming onto the stage and telling me it's 'fast paced and as awesome as the original' and then show me of slow as funk gameplay with enemies placed in a way that in no way represents the original DOOM. Also, your chainsaw looks funking stupid. I don't want a 10 second cutscene every time I kill someone. I also do not like the concept of having to kill enemies with 'finishers' for health and ammo. Just give me health and ammo packs like the original game. Why funk around with it and make me waste my time. One of the best parts of DOOM was speedrunning levels using the optimal item pickup paths. You can't do that here. This game has possibly left me the most depressed, because I was looking the most forward to it. Graphics look awesome though, and I love the new ID Tech engine now they got rid of that stupid CUDA texture decompression bullshit. Also, yey for modding support. I didn't like the original dishonored. I feel being able to teleport in a stealth game straight up breaks it. Not interested in number 2 as a result. Fallout 4. The gameplay looks great, the mechanics look great, the new community building and features look great. However, I am not so sure on fallout because they're still using gamebryo or 'creation' or whatever engine they call it now. This alone could make or break this entire game. If the engine is as unstable and unoptimized as the past titles then this game could very much be screwed from the beginning, especially on xbox (more on that). If bethesda makes sure the engine is fully stable this time around, then I do not see a problem, but if it still feels like it's held together with duct tape then it is funked. I think the fallout bit at the xbox conference is very telling about cultural differences between the East and West, and shows how out of touch the East is currently, especially with PC. It is a VERY good thing for a console to finally get fully supported modding of a game, and it's awesome that more people can now experience the main reason to playing on PC, however this is where the problems with gamebryo and the low power console's comes in. Modding Skyrim on PC is extremely demanding due to the engine being old and outdated. I have an Intel 4790K, Nvidia GTX 970, an SSD, and 16 gigs of high speed RAM and I often run a modded skyrim at <30fps due to scripts and graphics being optimised badly. If I have trouble running Skyrim modded then I can only imagine the trouble xbox players are going to have on modded games. Script heavy mods will completely destroy a console, and I assume graphics mods will probably be outright banned. I am assuming bethesda set up their new management system so that console mods can be checked to see if they work, and to lock down and restrict the content heavily. There is no way most the mods on PC would be allowed on a platform such as the Xbox. To wonder why bethesda would lock content down you just need to look at skyrim modding sites at the moment. There are some very gifted modders who make a lot of awesome content who are unfortunately stuck in one of the worst communities I have ever seen. Most of the mods on the Skyrim Nexus would never make it past the validation process I am assuming bethesda will introduce for console, and that is the main hub for Skyrim modding and bans extreme stuff. There is an even worse site I won't mention by name here which is downright disturbing, which is most probably the very reason bethesda will have to implement such a system or else they will likely have their name tarnished, along with microsoft. I also didn't find the announcement that it would be on Xbox One only very surprising. Japan have long despised PC and their modder communities for a long time, as I have experienced myself with my Dark Souls II online ban simply for fixing the game on PC with a third party mod. Sony probably didn't want their property being messed with by the consumer, and instead like their locked down console that you basically rent instead of own. It sucks for people who bought PS4, but it's just how Japan is. Finally. The PC gaming show was awful. There was nothing of notice revealed, it was way too long, and was extremely boring to watch. Great way to try market the PC that failed amazingly. Also, I didn't even know Day[9] still existed since he abandoned the SCII scene, I assumed he was no longer relevant and was in 'retirement' or something, but I guess not. Also, most importantly, no HL3 reveal. I may later go and watch the Xbox conference fully and comment back on what i think about that, but for now that's all my thoughts.
  5. No... Escape from reality?
  6. No Is this just fantasy?
  7. New gaming sin: I only just picked up and started playing Dark Souls
  8. I've never played a Sonic, Zelda, Mario, or Metroid game. I only just recently played my first 2D fighting game or Fire Emblem game. I also enjoy the new CoD and I find that CounterStrike bores me.
  9. Ever stepped in shit?
  10. These are all pretty timid, where's all the making children cry and having their parents shout at them and shit?
  11. Pretty sure it's this option here.
  12. Only GMod video I've ever enjoyed was the 'clear skies' series, because it had legit acting in, instead of humour suited for 12 year olds.
  13. Why is basically every video made in GMod so awful.
  14. No pants > yoga pants
  15. I can't afford the new pokemon until my next payment of my student loan comes through in January.