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  1. Welcome, to the banned game. This is really not going to get you banned its just to have fun. YOU WONT GET BANNED! Rules: 1.Must be at least one sentence. 2.Must follow rules of the forums. 3.Must have fun. 4.Respect other members. How its played: Ok first its going to be like this Player1:Your banned for saying im banned. Player2 is going to ban the person above him for somthing like : Your banned for being on forums. Player3 is going to ban the person above him alsso: Your banned for having a 2 in your name. So now someone bans me for something and then so on.... Please be respectful and have fun.
  2. Alright, I would really appreciate it if you went to link link: **Link Removed** Sign in and vote for the team named "[Team]". I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  3. Your banned for having metallica in your signature.
  4. Very cool feature, I like it a lot and it fits with the skin
  5. Your banned for having quotes in your sig
  6. Your banned for being off xbox for 1 day.
  7. Your banned, because I dont have H2 in my gamercard
  8. Your banned, because your GT has only played H2
  9. Your banned, because you have a cookie as your avatar.
  10. Your banned for having a fake guitar hero in ur avatar
  11. Very interesting o.O I think that the call of duty franchise took off a lot better than halo though. Very interesting article though
  12. Your banned for having Yoda in ur sig.
  13. 85G WOOT
  14. Well, I havnt really gone on HT to much after what went down before o.O but anyway, just wanted to drop in and see how everyone was doing and how HT was going. So post telling me some good news and some bad Thanks.
  15. Well Vapour, to be honest a lot of people did not like me on staff. So I started screaming in a XBL Party. They then told him and he demoted me. I told him obviously it should not be taken that seriously because alot of other people in the party were just being annoying but. I got the heat so yea. w/e though lol its the past and its over.
  16. Post your favorite game here. Mine is: Call Of Duty: 4 - Because it is original and does not have 10,000 Glitches like WaW and MW2
  17. Having a terrible day.

  18. Having a terrible day.

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