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  1. Enigma Black doctorxx Battle Lasers 6 to 8 Double wide racetrack designed for Battle Lasers or Snipes
  2. My map enigma, please.
  3. Could you get some pics of the only map on my fileshare? Preferably a couple high up, far away shots and a few close up ones showing the highlights of the map. Do you guys post the screenshots with the map/link on the forums as well or is that my responsibility? Haven't been here for a long time so not too sure how things work. Thanks a lot. Gamertag: BLACK DOCTORXX Also, i realise it is not set up for any sort of game variant(Batlle Tracks intentionally) yet since i'm not sure how to set that up, but it can still be used just for regular racing or however you please.
  4. I have gold , and I don't need to restart the map I could just change my gamertag and just save the map in Forge . If thats the only way I can upload files to my file share (by changing my gamertag) then Bungie has a huge error they need to fix .
  5. Okay , so I made my first map on Halo Reach . Tried to upload it to my fileshare but a message keeps popping up saying "the name of the creator of this file is not allowed on Xbox Live". I'm not banned , I can play xbox live . My name is fine , I know that forsure . I really don't know whats holding me back from uploading this map , the name of the map and description are both fine . If anyone could help , that would be great .
  6. im the one with longer hair .. kinda obvious
  7. we havent talked in blam!ing forever bro

  8. We were a bit out of it on this one The only other dec pic i can find of me
  9. Looks very good for BT . IMO could use a bit more 'curvature' but thats just me . glad to see some original good mapmakers still in the business . too bad i dont have the time to 'compete' with you anymore
  10. I was tempted to say that .
  11. i think sketch did
  12. We race to trash talk each other , brag , annoy the fk out of some people (not guna say any namescassel) Frankly , i wont have the time to do 2 hour tournies during the summer so if velocity did happen to return i most likely wouldent be able to participate
  13. woo
  14. OMG IM 2ND BEST who cares
  15. Might as well, a couple tournies could occupy me when i have free time