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  1. Leaving this here so it's not forgotten while we work on cooler stuff: Orphaned maps should be invisible in the maps list on the maps homepage, even if they're approved.
  2. Solid stuff. Do you have the updated logo, Kenjamin?
  3. Make sure you post this in the maps section, so more people can find it: http://www.halotracks.org/forum/index.php?app=maps&module=homepage&section=homepage
  4. Also, your composition is terrible in this screenshot, Cam. You have too much lead room on the left side of the frame, and Masta is facing the short lead. Git gud. 2/10
  5. So that's what happened behind me on that round. Tournament was a lot of fun. Thanks for hosting, Cameron. That extends to the tournament's participants as well. Let's get some consistent racing going, eh?
  6. Always sad to see you go, dude, but I think the terms of your leaving should be up to you. We'll always support whatever decision you make, and there's always a place for you here. Regardless, I truly wish you the best of luck. I'm happy that you're finding yourself and making a commitment to your goals. I hope the relationship you have with your lady becomes a physical one as soon as possible, as well. Distance definitely sucks. And never say anything like we've forgotten you. Your accomplishments withing the racing community as a whole are a contribution to where we are, now. That's not anything to forget you for. That's something to thank you for. So I thank you for being a part of the HaloTracks community, but that ain't no goodbye son. You're always a part of this [dysfunctional] family, whether you like it or not ;) GGz, bud.
  7. This is pretty cool. I like this. Get this mutha trucka to post the map here ;) Thanks for sharing, Kenji
  8. That's a really good screenshot
  9. I love how you don't have any screenshots of me.
  10. 10.08.2007

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    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Kill yourself.

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      Not gonna say to do that but that video was terrible

    4. Kenjamin1 MI

      Kenjamin1 MI

      10 is a great many years! - nice work team!

  11. The websocket error should be ignored.
  12. I was able to create a tournament and progress through the steps. I replicated the users error, though.
  13. OP: HT will be active enough to hit 1,000,001 posts! HT: Hold my beer.
  14. Haps Births @MtnDewX97

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      Thanks deewwd.

    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Good god, shut up.