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  1. H5 takes up over 100, lol. The only reason I wouldn't uninstall MCC is because of the H2A campaign. It's one of the few things 343 did correctly in that game.
  2. We'll see. The last time Microsoft/343 gave us the promise of redeemed nostalgia, it left us all quite the morose lot. It's cool, but I'm not holding my breath. The hype just ain't the same as it used to be.
  3. Improved upon some of Orias' consistency issues.

  4. Finally got the scripts working on the new track. The beauty pass is all that's left.

    1. OrionHardy



  5. Congrats. You've captured the essence of cringe comps. lol
  6. A little every day, yah. Dast ist gud. Just getting everything prepared. We'll start building the hype once the season is close.
  7. Leaving this here in case anyone hasn't seen it yet.
  8. racing

    Quite literally, the pressure on the left thumbstick. In some competitive maps, most of them being Supercross, there are sections of the track not meant to be taken full speed (whiskey throttled). Instead, all or parts of these sections require you to let off of the left thumbstick (throttle) in order to safely traverse a line. It's typical that some sort of time-related penalty would be associated with failing to dial back on the throttle (flipping, stalling, etc). I have a portion of Miquian that demands throttle control. It's the part just below the step down, and before the berm. If you go too fast over the lip, you are thrown off the track, flipped, or both. If, however, you slow down before taking off, you'll land safely on the other side and are allowed to continue the race without hindrance.
  9. "You don't need to take the berms..." *crashes after not taking berm*
  10. "Is Kitty streaming?" -No "Yo, Kitty's streaming..."
  11. What browser are you using, Star?
  12. Yeah, it was passable because we had a short lobby. A more stacked field will multiply whatever criticisms are to be had, exponentially. I still think it's better to not have bottemless clip, especially if competition is a thought crossing through anyone's mind. I'm always biased to what takes more skill. Anyone can spam the right trigger and eventually get a hit. If those people win, I'll only accept so much shit because the skill-gap is small. I enjoy the grind towards getting better at something with limited options. Two rockets before a 3-4 second cooldown is a limitation that serves as a balancing act. Which goes much further than just one team being able to spam rockets. You also want to mitigate a million rockets going towards one player. This is where driving skill is hindered. You can work with a handful of rockets for a short amount of time. When that's continuous, however, there's not much a driver can do other than count down to when the first lucky rocket F's his S up. Reloading opens the door for, not only a gunner's skillset, but the driver's as well. This forces the two of them to work more as a team, as opposed to two guys that just happen to be on the same Mongoose together. But this is just my opinion. I respect that other people will have their own thoughts. Just wanted to make my bias known, so you can form the most objective way forward.
  13. Though we don't have an official set of standards for H5 tracks, I can say that a track width of 48 units is more or less mandatory. The metal pieces isn't that big of a deal, but the width definitely is (this Mongoose has a fat ass). That being said, I've only raced on St Louis. Not sure how the others are forged. Thanks for joining up, Turkey! Glad to have you on board
  14. Full season, for sure. We probably will repeat some of the tracks, but I'm positive that at least a couple new ones will come out during the season.