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  1. What was the best track? Good screens, Cass
  2. Yeyeeyee, I meant for the Xbone
  3. We don't have the version of the Race gametype that 343 made?
  4. U da bess, Smoove!
  5. Many here aren't going to know Tim, but he needs our help. Tim, on top of being a fantastic guy, is in a bit of a pickle. @ducain23 has created a campaign on Go Fund Me to assist, and it'd mean to world to everyone involved if the HaloTracks community could lend its support. If you cannot donate, help us spread the word. We all fall on hard times. Tim's a dedicated and hard-working guy, with a deep love for Halo and its community. Here's the link to his campaign. A very special shoutout to Ducain for starting this entire thing. Please give him props when you have the chance! https://www.gofundme.com/helping-tim-to-get-back-on-his-feet Thanks for reading -Jeff
  6. tournament

    So, a quick answer is you actually don't need to worry about that right now. There are plans for a points system, but they're not yet in motion. Hosting and placement rewards do not, respectively, give or cost points right now. That being said, here's a breakdown of how things will work once that stuff gets going. Tournament Levels Tournament levels are the foundation for how the points system works in HT Tournaments. Each tournament level contains certain fees and rewards. The quantity of those items varies depending on what level is assigned to a tournament. Points rewards are comprised of Podium and Participation payouts. First, second, and third place finishers will earn more points than a non-podium finisher. In most cases, racers will earn a positive payout no matter what. The exception are tournament levels in the Hardcore category. In these races, the participation payouts only offer a partial reimbursement for the tournament; however, podium finishes grant an insane amount of points. The two types of fees are a hosting fee and an entry fee. Only two tournament levels do not have an entry fee, Iron and Sapphire. Entry fees are a way to balance out the competition and, as mentioned earlier, most tournaments will give a positive payout no matter what with the exception of Hardcore. Every tournament has a hosting fee. The hosting fee increments based off of the tournament level. Higher levels require more points to host. Here's an image that illustrates how tournament levels currently look: Use in the Store Tournament points will be used around the site for various things once they go live. The biggest non-tournament setting for the use of points is in the HaloTracks Store. Users will be able to use points as credit towards purchasing physical and digital items in the store. These include things ranging from t-shirts to nameplates. You'll be able to pay real money, too. Which is definitely the fastest way to acquire things from the store. Using HT Points (which is what they're called, btw) will, of course, take more time to build in order to afford the same items. It's all about squeezing our community for every cent we can... ...JK. It's just that stuff costs money. So that's points in a nutshell. Let me know if you need any clarification on the subjects I touched on.
  7. Just created a Q&A forum. If y'all bishes gotz any questions, ask them there! http://www.halotracks.org/forum/forum/371-ask-halotracks/

  8. On page 5, the check mark isn't something that's actually clickable. You need to look the tournament over and click the one within the tournament view. The purpose of it being shown is to illustrate what the button looks like in the view.
  9. Fixed an issue with permissions in the News and Announcements forum. Everyone can make replies now.

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  10. If one person in this community had to be called a "powerhouse," it would definitely be this crazy mother trucker. Eating anyone's dust in an HTSX season was an unforeseen concept for me, but racing against Stair (Soda) gifted me with some of the most rewarding experiences I've had in this community. We're lucky to have Dom around. Not only for his immense skill on the racetrack, but for his candor and benevolent demeanor as well. Dude's a good guy, srsly. I'll get BOH4 out, Dom. Promise. Thank you for being a part of this community. I mean it when I say we're lucky to have you. You're an inspiring individual, and I wish the absolute best for you in this life. Salude! PS: Better see you in Season 8.
  11. I had a random thought just now, and wanted to get a small discussion going. By now, we all know the vast majority of Halo's community wishes to return to the original formula. The extent of which is still up for debate, but I'm definitely grouped into these people. An ongoing curiosity of mine surrounds spicing up Halo's core gameplay with something like bullet drop. This doesn't change the base mechanics in the game, but would add an extra layer of skill to the weapons sandbox. Could definitely go in depth, but I'd rather discuss and bounce ideas off of you guys. So, what are your thoughts on having something like bullet drop in Halo?
  12. I r .bak

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  13. I took a visit to 343 Industries' building on Friday. Joining me was Kenny from Ultimate Halo and our guides, Jeff Easterling (GrimBrotherOne, Community Manager) and Kenneth Peters (Franchise Writer). My trip started with me soliciting at the wrong building. Once Kenny reached the location, I was greeted with a call inquiring on my whereabouts. As I heard Mr Grim laughing in the background, I knew I was in the wrong location. I was also promptly reminded that I was on speaker phone after impressing everyone in 343's main lobby with my French. After I arrived at the correct location, our tour began. Say what you will about 343 as a company, they really do hire people passionate about the game. Jeff and Kenneth's depth of knowledge on the Halo universe is unprecedented. Our tour lasted about 45 minutes. On it, I was shown various Spartan and ODST suits worn by actors in live-action trailers. One of the cooler pieces were the side panels from Jamie McMurray's and Dale Earnhardt Jr's stock cars from the Halo 5 campaign (no pictures, sorz). The goal of this visit was obviously to become a 343 Shill (something we all joked about incessantly). Honestly, this trip didn't change my overall opinion of the company; however, I definitely found respect for guys like Jeff and Kenneth. Yes, we also bitched about the Mongoose. That was at least a five minute conversation. Unfortunately, we don't think it'll be fixed anytime soon. Sorz for that, too. I repped HT like a mofo. Even included the URL next to my name in the guestbook. I gotchu, fam. Here's some pictures. If you've actually read this instead of skipping to the images, I leave you this: Poop
  14. Leaving for a trip to Washington (state) tonight. I'll have my laptop with me, but I probs won't get back to anyone in a timely manner. I'll be back sometime next week.

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  15. One of the most popular topics on HT doesn't even have as many posts as the top poster...