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  1. OP: HT will be active enough to hit 1,000,001 posts! HT: Hold my beer.
  2. Haps Births @MtnDewX97

    1. MtnDewX97


      Thanks deewwd.

    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Good god, shut up.












  3. Come back down to Mother Earth, Cameron.
  4. And he ruined Halo ...wait
  5. @Camonized Lashes out in hysterics; blood everywhere; door frames broken; cries because he noes hes a badkid lmao
  6. @AutzenDucks Believe what @Michael II Damn right. You just met fucking Kris Bryant, MVP.
  7. Nah, Cameron sucks. He's a total BK. Just ask him about his 50. I think my highest rank was like Onyx 1649 or something. I rarely play Halo 5.
  8. Halo 2 Legendary with Iron enabled is harder than beating cancer.

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    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      "The only thing worse than Jackals are Jackals with Sniper Rifles!"

      I've never come closer to actually wanting to throw my controller at my screen than that run. Dong H3 now and life is so much better. Jackals are way less headshotty.

    3. Camonized


      There are more efficient methods to kill yourself, dumbass.

    4. MtnDewX97


      This must be true. A cancer survivor would never be so insensitive about cancer.


  9. I'm assuming you're talking about the next season of HT Supercross. We're planning out S8 at this time, but have no start time set in stone. Race days will still be on Saturdays, but start times may be augmented since Season 8 will most likely not start in the summer months. If you haven't make sure you join and follow the HT Supercross squad. We transitioned over to a dedicated application for squads, and there'll be updates posted there once they become available.
  10. H5 takes up over 100, lol. The only reason I wouldn't uninstall MCC is because of the H2A campaign. It's one of the few things 343 did correctly in that game.
  11. We'll see. The last time Microsoft/343 gave us the promise of redeemed nostalgia, it left us all quite the morose lot. It's cool, but I'm not holding my breath. The hype just ain't the same as it used to be.
  12. Improved upon some of Orias' consistency issues.