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  1. a friend told me to talk to you about a gsallary post? don't know what that means, but hear I am. heres the link if you need it.



  2. Hey everyone, my activity has obviously dropped lately. I'm going through a lot of personal stuff right now, and I need to continue to take this break until I have things figured out.


    If you guys have any questions, reach out to Kitty, Cassel, Hatter, or Masta. I'll be back as soon as I can.

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    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Thanks, guys. 

      Bean, I want to give you my nipple.

    3. RealDealD


      Stay smoove Jeff! 


    4. OrionHardy


      Take all the time you need. Get well soon.

  3. It bothers me when people pronounce "divisive" as "device-iv."

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    2. ShaddoBlade


      I bet you pronounce tomato as tomahto, too... Also, that GIF is amazing.

    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Apparently, I need to ketchup on my pronunciation.

      Glad I could be of service.


    4. OrionHardy


      Well I know what I'll be doing during tournament this week.


  4. We have to approve maps after they've been posted, @OrionHardy. Right now, everyone can see maps that haven't been approved yet on the homepage but we still have permissions of who can view the map post itself. If users aren't a part of moderator groups that have access to unapproved maps, they are redirected back to the homepage. It's on our to-do list.
  5. Haps Births, Cam. Haps. Thx 4 bein u <3

    1. Camonized


      Thanks man. The feeling is mutual.

  6. Hey Arpod, That's not actually a bug. We just have to manually add download links for each map. I went through your files on Waypoint the other day, and couldn't see any of your tracks.
  7. This is what I was doing over the weekend while none of you were racing in a tournament. The gentlemen (fgt) in the gray tux is our very own @EoE Oh SNAP. I was honored to stand next to him and his brother for his wedding. I'll have more pictures to share as our photographer, Lyle Detwiler, releases them. For all of you who don't know my sexy face, I'm positioned far frame right.
  8. Sick! Can't wait to race on those again. Those maps were really fun even with the stubborn hills.
  9. Groomsmen at a wedding this Saturday, but hoping to see a tournament or two ran this weekend. Who's running one?

    1. Rob


      probably not

    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Looking that way, eh?

  10. I had some clutch shots from the back of the 'Goose. Had one run where I went on a Killing Spree. Felt nice.
  11. Was that a pun? "Hammered" I like Jamn.
  12. halo wars

    After watching a lot of footage from the game, I think I'm skipping this one. Especially since I watched the entire campaign yesterday, lol.